US military carries out drone strike against the Islamic State in Afghanistan

ISIS-K claimed more than 170 lives in a bomb attack on Kabul's Airport on Thursday.
President Biden pledged to strike back with precision and force against the bombers.

According to a US military official, the drone strike had killed the target.

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The Washington Post reported that US forces conducted a drone strike against eastern Afghanistan's Islamic State on Friday, following a bombing at Kabul's airport, which killed more than 170 people.

Biden had earlier pledged to pursue the ISIS-K terrorists responsible for the attacks.

"U.S. military forces carried out an over-the horizon counterterrorism operation against an ISIS K planner today. The Nangarhar Province in Afghanistan was the location of the unmanned airstrike. Initial indications indicate that we killed our target. "We know of no civilian casualties," Navy Captain. In a statement, Bill Urban, a US military spokesperson, stated that there were no civilian casualties.

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