Australia Covid live news update: NSW reports 1,035 new cases and two deaths; Victoria records 64 infections and ACT 26

This is a fascinating question. This is to enable people to get married. But be sensible. We are sorry, but we can't allow receptions.
The short answer is that we can't allow it right now. We have seen situations where weddings were huge superspreader events, but more importantly, it is dangerous to bring large groups of friends together. It's dangerous.

We have reached a compromise. The couple can marry with five people, and the others who are required for the ceremony. I believe that's a fair balance. You know what? I know that we are all desperate to get our hair done. However, I feel like I have taken a lot of lumps trying to do it myself.

It isn't safe, but it is possible. If you live in a home and are getting married, I am sure someone could help with your makeup.