Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs not practicing while seeking new deal -- 'Can't deny me what I deserve'

RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle Seahawks are currently dealing with another hold in situation. This time, it is with Pro Bowl safety Quandre Diggs.
ESPN has received multiple reports that Diggs is seeking a Seahawks extension. He's in the final year of his contract. Although he is healthy, he hasn't practiced this week and instead viewed the game from the sidelines.

Coach Pete Carroll stated Friday that he believes he is making a statement, but that he has nothing to update. He deserves that."

In 2021, the 28-year old player will earn $5.95million in base salary. This is the last year of the contract that the Seahawks acquired from the Detroit Lions in 2019. He received a $100,000 offseason bonus for his workouts and could receive another $100,000 per-game roster bonuses.

Diggs tweeted on Thursday, "Can't refuse me what I deserve." ranks him 19th among NFL safetyties with the $6.2 million annual average of his three year extension, which he signed in 2018. Jamal Adams, his teammate from Seattle, is the top of that list with $17.5 million per year on the extension he signed last week.

Adams was at training camp, but he did not practice until the Aug. 17 deal was signed. Duane Brown, left tackle, was also present at camp. However, he isn't practising as he searches for a new deal in Seattle.

T.J. Watt, Pittsburgh Steelers' pass-rusher, is another prominent NFL player. He is not practicing but is there to look for a new contract.

New collective bargaining agreements by the NFL have increased penalties for those who refuse to comply. The maximum penalty for skipping training camp has increased from $40,000 per day to $50,000 per. For veteran players like Brown or Diggs, who aren’t on rookie contracts, teams can no longer waive these fines.

Carroll was asked about how players approach contract disputes differently to the old method of not reporting to camp.

He said, "I don't know what the rules were in the past in terms of guys not showing up or not coming to the games." "Quandre was great throughout camp. He had an amazing camp, he is in great shape, and he is ready to go.

Diggs had an immediate impact upon his acquisition in October 2019. However, hamstring and ankle injuries kept him from playing in five regular-season games for Seattle. Diggs played in 16 of the 16 games last season and set a record with five interceptions. This earned him his first Pro Bowl nomination.

Adams was questioned about Diggs' possibility of signing a record-setting extension after he had signed it.

"He deserves it," Adams said. Adams said, "He deserves it and we will get that done. I'm not the GM so I don’t know when. His time will come. They will do the right thing for him."

It's unclear, however, if the Seahawks would be interested in Diggs being extended at this time.

According to ESPN, Brown will turn 36 next week. Sources tell ESPN that the Seahawks aren't interested in giving him a new contract as they feel it makes more sense for Brown to stay year-to-year.

Carroll stated Friday that he had no information on Brown's status.


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