W Series Belgium crash: Beitske Visser & Ayla Agren in hospital

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Spa-Francorchamps crash involved six drivers

After a multi-car collision at the Belgian Grand Prix meeting, W Series drivers Ayla Agren & Beitske Visser were taken to hospital.

A spokesperson for the series was female-only and stated that the drivers had been subject to "further checks" following the incident.

W Series stated that the four other drivers involved - Abbie Eatingon, Marta Garcia and Sarah Moore - were still under medical evaluation.

This weekend, the W Series race will support Formula 1's Belgian Grand Prix.

Spa-Francorchamps’ Eau Rouge corner is a well-known corner at a track that is considered one of the most challenging in the sport.

This incident occurs two years after Anthoine Hubert, a Formula 2 driver, was killed in an accident at Raidillon's final section of the Eau Rouge swerves.

The W Series crash occurred slightly earlier on track as cars were climbing up the hill through the middle left-hander of the swerves.

When Moore and Eaton lost control of the right-hander and spun into barriers, the incident occurred.

Visser, Visser from the Netherlands, Agren, Agren, and Spaniard Garcia collected them and spun them into a web that launched Eaton and Visser in the air.

Visser's car bounced on top the tyre barrier, before landing back on track.

Wohlwend's car was flipped upside down by Visser, the Liechtenstein racer who ran wild and struck Visser's car.

This incident will likely raise more questions about safety at high-speed swerves that have been the scene in a number of serious accidents.


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