Researchers Are About to Infect Humans With Home-Grown COVID Strain

Image by Getty/Futurism Studies
Officials and researchers from the UK are planning to infect humans with the coronavirus delta variant on purpose. This is a controversial, but crucial challenge study that will allow them to directly measure the effects of vaccines.

Researchers in the UK have already exposed 40 volunteers to the original SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19. This allows them to test vaccines and treatments head-to-head in controlled settings. The researchers are finding it difficult to respond to the international fame of the delta variant.

The Wall Street Journal reports that scientists from laboratory service company, hVivo have almost completed a batch of delta strains that are specifically cultivated for human experimentation.

According to Garth Rapeport (retroviral infection expert), Delta has diminished the importance of the first virus. He also helped establish the human experiments.



Ironically, the Delta variant that has rapidly risen around the globe and caused a terrible new wave of infections in America is having trouble growing in the laboratory.

According to Andrew Catchpole, chief scientist at hVivo, Delta was more challenging. Some clinical samples don't grow in cell cultures as well.

Researchers must ensure that mutations in the lab-grown samples mirror the spread of the variants.

Rapeport said that it is not very different from making vaccines. It must be tightly controlled and regulated.