Find trends, advice and value at these special breakout sessions during TC Disrupt 2021 – TechCrunch

TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 will take place September 21-23. We are here to highlight some of the amazing content that we have planned over three busy days. More than 80 interviews, panel discussions and breakout sessions have been added to the Disrupt agenda. There are more to come!
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Let's discuss the special breakout sessions hosted by our partners. These sessions are smaller and deliver real value, which is consistent with all TechCrunch events.

While I enjoyed the large-scale keynote speakers from companies such as Uber, it was the smaller breakout presentations that really allowed me to dive into the details and see the potential for mobile partnerships. Karin Maake was senior director of communications at FlashParking. There was always something to see in any of the breakout sessions and I was impressed with the quality of those who participated. Partner in well-respected VC firms spoke and were easy to reach, sharing smart and insightful insights. Repositax CEO Michael McCarthy

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The missing block to bring crypto to the masses

Socialization prosperities have brought new energy to crypto with the rise of concepts like NFT and GameFi. KuCoin, also known as the Peoples Exchange is dedicated to exploring innovative technologies and brilliant ideas to bring cryptocurrency closer to the people. This session will feature Johnny Lyu, KuCoin CEO, on the future of crypto markets and the best ways to make cryptocurrency investing more enjoyable. KuCoin brings this session to you

Humanizing AI: How Brands are Redefining Customer Experience in a Digital World

The greatest threat to a business's growth is its empathy deficit. But there are solutions. Brands can create empathy by using humanized AI to offer unique interactions with digital people. What is empathy? How can empathy help brands and storytellers connect better with their audience in a cookie-less environment? Greg Cross, Soul Machines founder and CBO, explains how AI can be just what your brand needs to gain a competitive edge. Soul Machines brings you this video.

The Global Metaverse Economy: A Revolution

Together Labs uses blockchain technology to create a new metaverse economy that allows users to buy, sell, invest, and shape the future. Together Labs introduced VCOIN earlier this year. This is the first digital currency that can be used within and outside of the metaverse. VCOIN allows users to play and earn real value, then convert it to cash. Together Labs will soon introduce more blockchain offerings in order to speed up the transition to a fully blockchain-based economy. This will set the economic standard for all other metaverses. VCOIN brings this to you.

Secure your path to IPO starting at the start

A business that does not have the right governance tools in place from its inception can be vulnerable to risk as it grows. A business's growth will be more successful if it adopts good governance practices early on. Listen to leadership perspectives on how to secure your business' growth during times of rapid change. Diligent Corporation brings this to you

Now what? Prepare for your Series

First, you have cleared the first hurdle: your bank has approved initial funding. You are now hiring more people, seeing the first signs of traction and experiencing the desired growth you once thought was impossible. You will soon be faced with the decision to raise capital for the most competitive round. Join Samsung Next's David Lee (Agap), Andy Hoang, and Jim Bugwadia(Nirmata) for this panel. They will discuss the lessons and nuances of bridging Seed and Series A. Samsung Next brings you this panel.

Korea Pavilion Pitch Session Hosted By KOTRA

The 13 Korean pioneering companies are highlighted. Their innovative approach will enrich our lives. These companies are experts in a variety of technologies, including Green Tech and AR/VR, 3D Displays, AI & Big Data, Cybersecurity, and Green Tech. You don't want to miss this chance to see the ingenuity of this technology powerhouse. Presented by KOTRA

Styrofoam Protective Packaging Can Be Eliminated

Every year, plastic is produced in excess of 380 million tonnes. Half of this plastic is used for packaging products. Companies have struggled to find an alternative to styrofoam that can protect fragile products like appliances and electronics. John Felts from Cruz Foam will talk about the development of bio-beneficial, compostable alternatives materials. Tom Chi from At One Ventures will discuss the importance of investing to climate and environmental entrepreneurs. Scott Cassel, PSI's Moderator, will moderate the discussion about how the packaging value chain can help create a truly circular economy. Cruz Foam will bring this event to you

The Enterprise Software Market: Insights on Powering What's Next

Digital transformation and recent shift to remote work have fueled a boom in enterprise software. Deals and valuations are fierce and the industry is thriving. Although investor interest in enterprise software is strong, that doesn't necessarily mean all tech companies are worthy investments. This panel will feature Monti Saroya and Michael Fosnaugh, Co-Heads of Vistas Flagship Investment Strategy, as well as a selection of Vista CEOs discussing the characteristics of the best-in-class software businesses and the trends driving the sector. Vista Equity Partners brought this panel to you

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