SD Gov. Kristi Noem slams podcaster Matt Walsh for misogynistic comments: 'Eyes up here, Matt'

Gov. Kristi Noem, South Dakota. AP Photo/John Raoux
Gov. Kristi Noem attacked Matt Walsh, conservative podcast host, via her official Twitter account on Wednesday.

After Walsh's misogynistic remarks about her appearance, she wrote "Eyes up Matt,"

After Noem refused to ban COVID vaccine mandates in private businesses, the Twitter spat ensued.

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Governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem retaliated against Matt Walsh, a conservative podcaster on Wednesday night, after he made disparaging remarks about the governor on The Daily Wire.

Walsh made the comments while criticizing Noem's refusal to ban vaccine mandates for private companies. This was in contrast with other conservative governors.

Walsh said, "No use to Kristi Noem." "Kristi Noem, a very attractive woman, has that going for it."

Walsh stated, "As far I know that's all the reason she was ever considered a potential 2024 frontrunner." "All the hype she gets from conservative media is based solely on her attractiveness, which she is!"

Walsh stated, "But, you know what, you put 50 Pounds on her and another twenty years, I don't believe she gets any hype."

The governor of South Dakota tweeted a clip from Walsh's comments in response and called out Walsh's "horrible misogyny."

-Governor Kristi Naem (@govkristinoem), August 25, 2021

She wrote that instead of engaging in a discussion about the proper role government plays and how it can't be conservative to tell people how they should do business, Walsh resorted to terrible misogyny. "Eyes up, Matt."

Walsh responded to Noem directly with his comments. He accused Noem of taking the clip from Media Matters (a liberal watchdog organization) and using it as an attack on fellow conservatives.

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Walsh continued by calling the misogynistic remarks of Walsh "a bunch whiney babies"

Noem, a campaign account holder, tweeted at Ben Shapiro (another right-wing podcaster, Walsh's boss at The Daily Wire), in the meantime.

"Hey [Shapiro] Tell [Walsh] that I used to rope bulls (maybe he is a steer?) He was bigger than me in my teens. He could not walk for a day in my shoes."

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