A plastic surgeon showed how excessive Botox makes people look like aliens and filler can distort the face

A plastic surgeon has spoken out against the use of excessive Botox and filler facials.
Dr. Steve Harris designed a diagram to show how Botox and filler can alter facial proportions.

He said that an alienized face would have large, flat lips, a crisp border and a winged bone.

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A plastic surgeon warns against bad filler, which can lead to facial "alienization".

Dr. Steve Harris is a plastic surgeon who founded the Harris Clinic in London. He says that the distortion comes from doctors giving clients the ability to have procedures based on images on social media.

Harris created images of a person with a natural appearance and changed their proportions to illustrate how Botox or filler can alter the face.

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Harris stated to Insider that many of the distortions cannot be attributed with our species in many cases.

Harris describes an alienized face as having large, flat lips, crisp borders, a winged eyebrow bone, sharp "Maleficent" cheeks, and a very chiseled, smooth jawline.

Harris captioned his Instagram post with the following: "Some people naturally have certain features in this simulation. But the problem is creating them in others and making everybody look the same."

Harris' diagram shows where the cheeks are more angular, the jaw sharpened and the shape of your lips altered.

Harris stated that 'alienization' is due to filters and photoshopped images of celebrities.

Harris claims that filters on Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok can distort people's perceptions of themselves. This can lead to them asking for procedures that give them an unrealistic appearance.

Harris stated that celebrities and influencers who have been alienated will no doubt impact the perceptions of their followers.

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He said that facial alienization is becoming more common because of the willingness of plastic surgeons complying with this "new norm".

Harris stated that alienization can also occur when a practitioner is highly skilled. This could be due to greed or a grossly lacking artistic sense. Image disorders could explain why some patients and practitioners don't see the distortions.

He hopes to make the trend more visible and help fight it with his diagram.

Harris stated, "I believe that a doctor who conforms to alienization does not fulfill his or her duty to care to first and do no harm."

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