Tim Cook receives over five million shares of Apple stock worth $750 million

Apple CEO Tim Cook received over five million shares of Apple stock, and sold most of it for more than $750million, according to an SEC filing.
Cook was awarded the last part of his compensation package when he became CEO of Apple. Cook was awarded a new package of compensation last year that will continue through 2026. Cook receives the majority of his compensation in restricted stock units.

Cook was awarded the most stock under the 2011 agreement. This was based on Apple's stock performance relative to other companies in S&P 500.

Apple was in third place in the cohort with total shareholder returns of 191.83% over three years. This placed it 13th among 442 companies according to the filing.

Apple stock has increased more than 1,200% since Cook took over as CEO in 2011.

According to an SEC filing, Cook donated nearly $10 million worth Apple shares earlier this week to an unnamed charity. Cook stated previously that he would donate all of his fortune to charity. Apple representatives did not respond to requests for comment.