Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau agree to stop feuding as Ryder Cup approaches, captain Steve Stricker says

Brooks Koepka isn't concerned about being on the U.S. Ryder Cup Team with Bryson deChambeau, but he doesn't think they should be paired together. (1:00)
OWINGS MILLS (Md. United States Ryder Cup Captain Steve Stricker stated that he has spoken to Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau about putting their feud to bed for the good American golf. Each party agreed it wouldn't be an issue at Whistling Straits.

However, whether that holds true will depend on how Koepka or DeChambeau feel about Stricker sharing their dtente to a reporter.

Stricker spoke with Sports Illustrated and said that he had spoken to each of them by phone, and that he was able to get assurances that their mutual disapproval won't distract from an American team that has won only two Ryder Cups over the past 20 years.

According to the 54-year old captain, both golfers agreed to stop publicly sniping at each other. Or, at the very least, they agreed to pause.

Stricker stated, "They assured me that they [top priority] are the team and the nation and all that goes into it." They said it wouldn't be an issue and I believe them. They are trustworthy. It's over, as far as I am concerned.

Stricker pointed out that the squabbling between them, which was most common on social media platforms following the PGA Championship at Kiawah has already cooled significantly.

Stricker stated, "We haven’t heard Brooks speak about Bryson lately." These guys are very proud of the Ryder Cup. They both understand that they are not the problem. Both of them are aware.

Koepka was open and honest when asked about DeChambeau. He readily admitted that he doesn't like him and has enjoyed needling him in many ways. But he also stated that he didn’t think that would be an issue with Team USA starting Sept. 24-26 in Wisconsin.

Koepka said to reporters at The Open, "It's only for a week." It's okay to put it aside for business. If we are going to be in the same team, I will deal with anyone for a week.

Koepka has shown that he is sometimes an iconoclast about golfers commenting on what he does or says. It is easy to see him agreeing with Stricker that he would put aside his feuding with DeChambeau. It's easy to see him reengaging the feud with DeChambeau in an instant, even though he didn’t love Stricker sharing his desire to do so.

DeChambeau has not spoken much in the past month. He also boycotted all interviews with reporters after round one.

Stricker basically dismissed the idea of DeChambeau and Koepka being paired together at the Ryder Cup. It was reminiscent of Hal Sutton's 2004 decision to pair Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods together, at the height of their animosity toward one another.

Stricker stated to SI that he was not going tell SI that there is no chance. "But I don’t see it happening. They don't want to play together, I think."


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