YouTube to roll out Picture-in-Picture viewing for all U.S. iOS users, starting with Premium subscribers – TechCrunch

YouTube supports picture-in-picture viewing for Android devices since 2018, but YouTube informed TechCrunch today it will launch the feature to all iOS users in America on both iPhones and iPads. YouTube Premium subscribers are invited to test the feature. This allows users to view picture-in-picture videos while browsing other apps. YouTube has not yet shared a timeline on when all U.S. iOS users can access the feature.
Although this feature is only available on mobile, premium subscribers must allow the possibility to use the YouTube experiments website for desktop testing. YouTube made opting in to experiments a premium perk last year.

Scroll down to the experiments website and you'll see Picture in picture on iOS. You can also choose to try it. The picture-in-picture display should appear when you exit the YouTube app.

You can adjust the size and position of a video once you view it via picture-in–picture. You can tap on the video to return to YouTube. The video will pause if you lock your phone.

Users have reported that YouTube may need to be deleted and reinstalled in order to make it work.

This feature differs from the existing picture-in–picture functionality on YouTube iOS because it allows you continue watching a video while also navigating on other devices. Similar features are already available on streaming apps such as Netflix.