Best smart light switches that don't require a neutral wire in 2021

Best Answer: While smart light switches that do not require a neutral wire are uncommon, Insteon and Lutron Caseta both offer options that will work in your home. To make them "active", you will need to purchase a second bridge, or hub. The hub will save you the hassle of having to rewire your house to add a neutral.
Smart switches never go to sleep

Before the National Electric Code, many homes were wired without a neutral wire. Many smart switches that aren't compatible with such homes won't work. Because they must be powered continuously, every smart switch requires a neutral wire.

A neutral wire is all that is needed to create a single circuit between the light switch, power source, and bulb. The electric current will be broken if you turn off the lights. This is because there is no power passing through the bulb. You will typically need a neutral wiring, which connects directly to the power source to your switch. If you turn off your lights, the circuit still fails, but the neutral wire provides power for the switch.

A neutral wire is required for almost all smart switches.

You have several options if your house does not have neutral wires. Before you remove switches or start any rewiring, it is a good idea to consult an electrician. You can always get hurt so it's better to be safe than sorry.

It is possible to buy compatible smart switches. However, these can only be used by connecting through a compatible hub or bridge. This stores programming data such as your login details and wireless network details. Although these hubs aren't as expensive as an electrician they can still be quite costly.

The Insteon Smart Dimmer and Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch are our two favourite smart light switches that don't require a neutral wire. The best switch for you home will depend on what other smart features you want.

Although the hub and smart switches from Lutron are more expensive, they can be used with smarter home tech. For dimming bulbs, Insteon switches work best.

Although the Caseta system by Lutron is more costly, its SmartBridge pro hub connects to powered window blinds and ceiling fan controllers. It also allows you to carry wireless "pico" switches around with you, as well as motion sensors. If you intend to use other Lutron equipment, it is well worth the extra expense.

The Insteon system is a great option if you are only looking for smart switches or have all your wiring done. The price for the Insteon Central Controller Hub is approximately half that of the SmartBridge Pro. However, the Insteon smart switches and Lutron Caseta smart switch are the same.

Both options work with Amazon Alexa and can be used with most light fixtures in your home. The most important difference is the cost.

If you think that hubs and smart switches are too complicated, remember that smart bulbs can be used with any type of power outlet, regardless of its neutral wire.

You can choose to buy the best smart bulbs and best Alexa-controlled bulbs for your neutral wireless smart home. These bulbs are generally more costly per bulb, but they save you money because they don't require a hub. They also have app controls and Alexa voice commands.


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