Best smart locks for Amazon Alexa 2021

Amazon Alexa Android Central 2021: Best smart locks
There are many Alexa-enabled devices available today. Making your home smarter, safer and more secure has never been easier with Amazon Alexa smart lock. A smart lock can make your home more convenient. You don't have to lose a key again and can manage guests better. These smart locks are compatible with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant. Our favorite smart lock is the August Smart Lock Pro. It is stylish and easy to install and works with all smart homes.

Source: August

Smart Lock Pro is a fashionable lock that can be used with almost all existing deadbolts. This means you don't have to change your keys in order to use it. You can use an Alexa command to lock or unlock the door, or your smartphone can unlock it automatically as you approach the door. It supports smart home standards such as Z-Wave Plus or Apple's HomeKit, and has a Connect bridge that allows the door to communicate over Wi-Fi. This bridge is crucial to the pick's success, as other smart locks that are connected require you to buy a separate hub. The 24/7 activity feed is a great feature that allows you to see the status of your lock and door, as well as grant keyless access to anyone you choose. The lock communicates with Alexa to notify you when it needs to be replaced. You can also set up an automatic reorder. We have one complaint about this device: the auto-lock function can sometimes be finicky. It will engage when the owner is simply going to the curb to pick up trash, or even if the door hasn't closed completely. To work with Alexa, it requires a separate bridge. The pros: Modern, sleek styling

Available with Wi-Fi bridge

Door Sense allows you to know if the door is locked securely

Live activity feed 24 hours a day

Uses existing lock and key.

The auto unlock feature can be finicky

This look might not be compatible with certain homes/doors.

The August Smart Lock Pro 3rd Generation is the best overall smart lock. This sleek modern smart lock adds style to any door. It comes with a Wi-Fi bridge, and it's easy to set up. Amazon: Starting at $150

Walmart: $203

August Smart Lock: The best value

Source: Hayato Huseman / Android Central

HomeKit is not supported by the standard Smart Lock, even if it's attached to an August Connect (which doesn't come with it). It works with Alexa much better than the Pro. It can be used to create guest keys for your friends' phones. These keys have a fixed expiration date and are ideal for hosts who don't want to give away a physical key. This smart lock, like its more expensive sibling works with your existing locks and keys so you don’t need to replace them. It also has Door Sense technology that will let you know if the door is open or shut. It will lock when you go out and unlock when you return. Be aware that if there are multiple people coming into and out of your home, it could lock you out. Users have noted that the mechanism can get quite loud so be careful if you sneak in after hours. Pros: Less expensive than the Pro

Door Sense technology

It is easy to create and share guest key(s)

24/7 Activity Feed Cons: August Connect Bridge not Included

Multi-user auto-lock can make it difficult to use

The locking mechanism can be very loud

August Smart Lock: Best Value - Keyless Home Entry Smart and Simple The August Smart Lock offers many of the Pro models features for a fraction of the price. Amazon: $107

Walmart: $105

Best for smart home: Schlage Connect Deadbolt

Source: Schlage

It is important to have a backup method of getting in if you leave your phone at work. While a physical key is smart, a PIN might be easier. Schlage Connect allows you to lock and unlock your doors with Alexa (with a separate hub), and share up 30 access codes with family, friends, neighbors, house cleaners and dog walkers. The touchscreen is fingerprint-resistant so that you won't give away your PIN. The Amazon Key service allows you to unlock your door from anywhere. You can also see live views, clips, who's been there, and opt in for in-home delivery if you are a Prime member. Zigbee certified, it can also be used with Zigbee home automation system. It is easy to install with just a screwdriver. The Snap 'n Stick technology snaps the deadbolt onto the door. A universal latch slides into place without any tools or manual adjustments. This device is no exception to Schlage's hardware prowess. Pros: Matte touchscreen hides fingerprints

Accessible without keys or phones

Compatible with Zigbee and Amazon Key Cons: Expensive

No built-in alarm

This device is the best for smart home integration Schlage connect Deadbolt Ultra connected. If you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable smart lock solution that is easy to use, this device is for you. Amazon: $200

The most futuristic Lockly Secure Pro Deadbolt

Source: Android Central / Rebecca Spear

This smart lock adds extra security by scrambling buttons every time the screen turns on. While you won't be in a position to use muscle memory to enter your code, it also stops would-be thieves easily determining the numbers to press. The unit's fingerprint reader can store up to 99 unique fingerprints. This lock is so sophisticated that you will feel like a spy with all its fancy features. Lockly's app interface is simple and intuitive. You can share access with others, add fingerprints or check the battery status. It's great to know that the WiFi hub comes with your purchase. You don't need to order one separately. This smart lock is great, but there are some drawbacks. It's also one of the most expensive options that we have seen. The touchscreen can smudge easily and doesn't get very bright which can make entering code in direct sunlight difficult. The pros: Dynamically changing keyboard

Fingerprint reader

Wi-Fi hub available

Access history for stores Cons: This is one of the more costly options

The touchscreen can become smudgy

You cannot increase the brightness of your touchscreen

This is the most futuristic Lockly Secure Pro keyless entry smart door lock Fingerprint reader. It features a dynamically changing keypad as well as a fingerprint reader. Amazon: $271

Best Buy: $280

Yale Assure Lock is tried and true

Source: Yale

The Yale Assure is a classic smart door lock. The lock can be controlled anywhere with Alexa by purchasing a hub. You can store 250 different PIN codes so that you can assign codes without having to give out your master PIN. In case of an emergency, you can lock all codes out at once. Two physical keys are included in the package if you require them. Installation takes only a few minutes with a screwdriver. The lock can also be used with Amazon Key. You can buy bundles that include door handles in different styles or colors, as well as the lock. The lock is weather-resistant and includes two backup keys in case you lose your code or something happens. This lock is quieter than many others on the list. Pros: Up to 250 unique pin codes stored

Simply tap to lock

Two physical backup keys included

Quiet, motorized deadbolt Cons: Requires a separate hub

Auto-lock works only from the outside

Modern day classic: Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

Source: Schlage

Although it shares many similarities with the Yale lock, this lock is more practical and has a Spartan appearance. You can get it in bronze, nickel, and chrome. However, I think matte black is the most attractive. It has built-in Wi–Fi so it doesn’t need a hub. The lock's surface is impervious to fingerprints, so it won’t reveal your passcode. It can also be paired with Amazon Key to allow you to monitor who is using your device and give access to trusted vendors and visitors. It does not support these features. However, it cannot be set up to automatically unlock with your device depending on how close you are to it. Amazon currently offers a bundle that pairs with an Echo Dot. This could be a great deal if your device isn't Alexa-enabled or you just want to add another item. The pros: It works with Key by Amazon

No hub required

Keypad that is smudge-free

Echo Dot Cons available in a bundle:

There is no auto-unlocking option

Modern classic Schlage Encode Deadbolt smart lock Hub free. The Schlage Encode is quick to set up and works without a hub. It also supports Amazon's Key program which allows access to trusted visitors. Amazon: Starting at $215

Walmart: $222

Best hybrid lock: Kwikset Kevo Convert

Source: Kwikset

The Kevo Convert, like the August locks replaces your interior lock. This means you don't need to replace your keys. It is perfect for renting homes. The lock automatically unlocks as soon as you approach it. It can also lock automatically after about 30 seconds. The Kevo Connected hub will allow you to control the lock using Alexa. You will be notified when guests enter the door. The Kevo 2 smart lock can also be used to open the door without touching it. You can send eKeys directly to guests' phones or remotely lock and unlock any guest. Kwikset has a Kevo Convert version and many other compatible models that work with this model. The Kevo Convert is compatible with deadbolts made by Kwikset or Weiser, Baldwin, Schlage, and Schlage. This makes it a more versatile option than other options. Converts dumb locks easily to smart ones

Works with Kwikset deadbolts, Weiser, Baldwin or Schlage

Very affordable

Open compatibility requires a hub in order to work with Alexa.

Kevo 2 smart locks are required for the no-touch, open feature

You will need a smartphone to unlock the door


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