Jeff Bezos Dick Rocket Goes on Sale for $69 in Scale Model Form

Estes, a model rocket manufacturer, has released a scaled-down 1/66th scale model for the Blue Origin rocket New Shepard. This will allow anyone to launch their own spacecraft up to 400 feet in the air. If you're curious, the Estes model looks exactly the same as the real thing. It looks like a dick.

Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos took to the New Shepard's edge space last month. He reached 62 miles above the sea level. This beat Richard Bransons altitude by 53 miles. Bransons rocket however didn't look like one.

The Estes rocket retails at $69.99. However, if you don't have a launchpad, the starter set will be required. This includes the rocket, an electronic launch controller and a pack with engines. Be careful not to fire your wad too soon. This can limit your enjoyment of the rocket.

Estes states that you will need either a C6-3, or C6-5 engine package for a proper launch.

The Estes New Shepard model is a scale 1/66th of the Blue Origin New Shepard launch car. It can fly up to 400 feet on a C6-3, C6-5 or C6-5. After deploying the capsule, it falls through the atmosphere and touches down gently under a large parachutist. You can fly the Estes New Shepard multiple times, just like the Blue Origin New Shepard.

YouTube has a promotional video that cuts between footage of the New Shepards launch and the model rocket. This, again, looks like male genitalia.

One YouTube commenter said, "My sister has one of these in her drawer."

Estes is proud partner with Blue Origin in order to share a bit of history that inspires children to dream and to imagine. The New Shepard model, which is ready to fly, makes a great addition to any office or can be launched to create the spaceflight yourself.


Although the Blue Origin rocket won't officially go on sale until November, pre-orders can be made now. They limit the number of customers who can order this rocket to five, which could indicate that they expect a high demand. It is best to order one now if you want to have it by Christmas. These pecker rockets will fly off the shelves.

Each rocket will come with a postcard from Club For the Future. This is where people can submit their visions of the future. According to a press release, the postcards will be carried aboard Blue Origin flights and returned to their sender with the message "Flown to Space" stamped on them.


Penis. It looks almost like a penis.