Why is Instagram flooded with ‘nah he tweakin’ comments?

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Kim Kardashian's latest Instagram photo isn't the hottest. It's a comment. A simple phrase that is plastered on every high-profile account and shared by thousands of accounts: "nah he tweakin."

Look at the latest Instagram post from any high-follower account. There will be dozens, or even hundreds of accounts sharing nah he tweakin' throughout the thread.

Wednesday night was the start of the whole thing. Initial reports indicated that it was a coordinated bot attack. It's not clear, however, what this could mean for a bot leader. Also, it would require significant resources to manage these many accounts.

Further investigation revealed that it started after Lil Nas X commented Nah he tweakin' on Raps Instagram post regarding news that Tony Hawk was selling skateboards infused in his blood (Hawks and not Lil Nas Xs).

Hours before, Lil Nas X took to Twitter to vent his frustration at Hawks $500 skateboards not being criticized. This is especially surprising considering the criticism he received earlier in the year for launching sneakers infused with his blood.

The whole thing just went viral after Raps dropped Nah he tweakin' on Raps Instagram post.

It is more likely that this is an exceptional moment when a seemingly insignificant event suddenly explodes and becomes the social phenomenon of its time. It is also reported to have reached Reddit and Twitter. It will likely disappear by morning. Is it set to continue through the weekend? You can either watch it or do something else.

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