Dak Prescott runs through team drills in practice with Dallas Cowboys and 'looks really good'

FRISCO (Texas) -- Dak Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys' quarterback, took part in team drills during practice for the first time since July 27. This is a significant step in his recovery from a latissimus strain to his right shoulder.
Prescott completed 11 passes of his 12 snaps of 11 on 11 Wednesday practice, and showed no signs of rust in his ability to move the ball down field.

The Cowboys will open their season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sept. 9. Although Prescott was confident that he would be available for the game, Dallas is determined to get Prescott as much practice as possible.

After practice, Ezekiel Elliott ran back Ezekiel Elliott and said that Dak looked great. He's throwing the ball with some power. He's looking good and seems to be making progress.

Prescott completed a pass of 20-25 yards to tight end Blake Jarwin along the sideline, over a linebacker. He then followed that up by a bullet to Aaron Parker while crossing. Jayron Kearse broke up his pass. He showed that he can make plays on the run by stepping up in the pocket to find tight end Dalton Schultz, which resulted in a decent gain.

Prescott was feeling sore from his follow-through, and pulled himself out of practice in Oxnard on July 28. He was kept away from Cowboys for two weeks while he did strength and conditioning work on his right ankle.

Because it is more common among pitchers than quarterbacks, the Cowboys sought advice from the Texas Rangers as well as the New York Yankees. After returning to Texas, he underwent a second MRI which showed that the strain was healing.

Prescott was gradually being worked up by the Cowboys in practice. Prescott threw a little over 50 passes in warm-ups prior to the Aug. 21 game against the Houston Texans. This was his second consecutive day of heavier throwing.

Elliott stated that he was certain he would prefer not to have to go through those steps, and instead just get out there and build a camp. He's a grindr. He is a true pro with the work he does to get back to his ankle and to relieve the strain on his muscle. He is a leader and a great player, and we are thrilled to have him back.

Mike McCarthy had already indicated that Prescott wouldn't play in Sunday's preseason finale against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Prescott and McCarthy had a lengthy discussion after Wednesday's practice. They could have gone over the plans for the following few days, leading up to the Buccaneers match.

McCarthy stated that Prescott was lobbying for more.

McCarthy stated that McCarthy was a competitor before the practice. He brings that competitiveness to the position of quarterback. Because of his approach to the practice, he makes it better. His warm-up before practice is gamelike. It is treated the same way he would like all his players to treat it. He is a great example for young players.