Ron Jeremy Indicted on 30 Sexual Assault Counts Involving 21 Alleged Victims

Ron Jeremy was just indicted for a series of sexual assault and rape allegations. Prosecutors claim that there are now 21 victims.
According to George Gascn, Los Angeles County District Attorney, the famous porn star faces more than 30 counts of sexual assault for alleged incidents that date back over 20 years.

Prosecutors claim that a grand jury returned Thursday's indictment and it has just been unsealed.

Wednesday's plea of not guilty to 12 counts forcible rape, 7 forcible oral coulation, 6 sexual battery by restraint counts, 4 sexual penetrations by a foreign object counts, 2 sexual penetrations of an unconscious person or asleep person counts, and 1 each of sodomy with the use of force, assault and intent to commit rape upon a child aged 14 or 15.

Prosecutors accuse Jeremy of sexually assaulting 21 female victims over a period of 23 years, starting in 1996. The victims range from 15 to 51.

Among other allegations, prosecutors state that Jeremy is accused of raping a 19 year-old woman in October 1996 during a photoshoot at the San Fernando Valley, raping a 26 year-old woman in 2000 at a nightclub, and raping a Woodland Hills girl in 2008 at a Woodland Hills home.