Marvel's Newest Superhero Game Unleashes Hell on Earth

It feels like a while ago that we had a Marvel s Uperheroes videogame, despite Square Enix's excellent Avengers game. This could change when Marvels Midnight Suns is released by 2K Games next year, even though everything about it is totally unexpected.


According to Polygon, the game will be an action-oriented RPG. This is a rare genre that has heroes or action-oriented characters. 2K Games has extensive experience with this format. They have created the XCOM games which featured a team of soldiers fighting off power aliens using turn-based strategy and combat. The second is the diversity of the playable characters. There are Marvel's mainstays such as Iron Man, Captain America and Wolverine. But there's also Runaways Nico Minoru and X-Mens Magik. This teaser trailer shows that Doctor Strange also plays an important part.

You may be wondering who the female character is that wields the Deadpool-esque double Katanas. With 40 superpowers available, you can create your own custom hero, the Hunter.

The inspiration for Midnight Suns is the third and most shocking aspect of Midnight Suns. Midnight Sons Unlimited, a short series that ran in the early 1990s, featured a much larger group of heroes, including Doctor Strange and Blade, Morbius, the living vampire, two Ghost Riders and Werewolf by Night. They fought against a demonic invasion headed by Lilith, a fallen angel, and Satan's ex-wife. You'll notice that all of the heroes named are magical or monstrous, which makes them best suited for the task of fighting the mysterious threat.

The trailer for Midnight Suns shows Lilith rising, with the heroes fighting off scores demons to keep them on track. This roster has a completely different set of heroes, which makes sense considering 2K wants to sell a billion copies of Marvel's game. It also explains why Magik and Nico Minoru are magic-using characters.

It is quite normal that no release date has been given, considering that the game was revealed earlier today at Gamescom. You can watch the official gameplay footage at the official Gamescom site on September 1.

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