Game 7 of World Series scheduled for Nov. 3, latest since 2009

NEW YORK -- The 7th game of the World Series will be played on Nov. 3rd, its last since 2009.
Major League Baseball announced Wednesday that the postseason will begin with the AL wild card game on Oct. 5 followed by the NL wild card matchup the day after.

Both AL division series and NL division series open on Oct. 7. The AL Championship Series starts Oct. 15, and the NL Championship Series opens the next day.

The World Series will begin on Oct. 26 at home to the pennant-winner with the best regular-season record. Game 7 would take place Nov. 3.

The last World Series game was played on Nov. 4, 2001, and again in 2009. Since 2017, the Series has been played in October. The last time it was extended beyond October was when the Houston Astros won Game 7 at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles on November 1.

The regular MLB season will end on Oct. 3. Tiebreaker games will take place the following day.