Wisconsin lawmaker with COVID-19 on ventilator, stable

MADISON (Wis.) A Republican state senator from Wisconsin, who opposed vaccine mandates and developed pneumonia after testing positive to COVID-19, was placed on a ventilator Wednesday. His spokesman stated that he is now in stable condition.
Andre Jacque (40), was admitted to the hospital Aug. 16 after he tested positive for COVID-19. Matt Tompach, a spokesperson for the state senator Andre Jacque, said that he was put on a ventilator Monday night to provide an update on his condition.

Sen. Tompach stated that Jacque was intubated Monday evening and placed on a ventilator. Although his condition is stable at the moment, it will continue to be extremely stressful and difficult for Sen. Jacques' family in the weeks and days ahead.

He stated that updates would be made as needed.

When a COVID-19 patient is having difficulty breathing, a ventilator may be the only option. Some patients who are put on ventilators can recover.

Jacque stated Aug. 16 that he tested positive for the disease after he testified before a packed committee hearing, while wearing no mask. Jacque was against mandatory vaccinations and mask mandates. It was not known if Jacque had been vaccinated.

Jacque, a father of six children, including an infant, reported that members of his extended family were also positive for the virus. Their current conditions are not known.

On Aug. 20, Republican state Rep. Shae sortwell shared with his Facebook fans that Jacque needs your prayers.

The hospitalization of Jacques comes amid a spike in COVID-19-related cases in Wisconsin. Hospitalizations and new cases rose to levels not seen since January. Around 51% of Wisconsin's population and 61% of adults have been fully immunized.

Jacque, from De Pere was the first to be elected to the state Assembly. He served four terms, before being elected to Senate in 2018.

Jacque sponsored bills to prohibit government officials and business owners from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations or proof of vaccination to be eligible for services. The Republican-controlled Legislature passed both bills, which Democratic Gov. Tony Evers vetoed.

Jacque also opposed Evers' statewide mask mandate, but it was overturned by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in March.


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