Teddy Bridgewater wins Denver Broncos' starting QB job over Drew Lock

Dan Orlovsky claims the Broncos are now a playoff-caliber team, after Teddy Bridgewater was named the Week 1 starter. (1:06).
The Broncos made a smart decision to name Bridgewater their starter. (1:06).

The Denver Broncos announced Wednesday that Teddy Bridgewater has been chosen as the winner of their competition for starting quarterback over Drew Lock.

Coach Vic Fangio informed the team Wednesday morning that the decision was taken. He had previously maintained throughout training camp that the battle was "evensteven".

Fangio stated Tuesday that the good news about this competition was that there are two quarterbacks with whom we believe we can win.

Bridgewater, 28 years old, is playing with his third team in just three seasons. Bridgewater, 28, is with his third team in three seasons. He was 4-11 in 2020 as a Carolina Panthers starter and a perfect 5 in 2019 when he replaced Drew Brees, who was injure. Bridgewater's career includes 26-23 games in Minnesota, New Orleans, and Carolina.

Lock, 24 years old, is 8-10 in his two seasons with Broncos. He was taken in the second round in 2019 NFL draft. Lock tied for 15 interceptions last season in the NFL and was the last starter in league completion percentage. Bridgewater was fifth in completion percentage in NFL.

The quarterback clash was a constant battleground in training camp. Neither passer put together great performances on one day, or sometimes none at all, but it was an ongoing battle.

However, both of them improved their preseason play.

Lock played a swaggering game against Minnesota in the preseason opener. Bridgewater took the win with a brilliant relief performance against Minnesota and a great start at Seattle.

Lock preseason included an 80 yard touchdown throw to KJ Hammer, and Tuesday's practice began with a 60-yard dime from Jerry Jeudy. Lock continued to scuffle with three-wide formations, and didn't display as much huddle command or presnap management, pocket awareness, pocket awareness, precision, or pocket awareness as Bridgewater.

Bridgewater will be the 11th Denver quarterback to start since Peyton Manning's retirement after winning Super Bowl 50. Manning was inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame this week.

Since he retired, the Broncos have been at 32-48.

This report was based on information from ESPN's Jeff Legwold, and The Associated Press.