Citi Has Removed Us As A Partner For Sharing Our Honest Experiences

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Citi has removed us as a partner for sharing our honest experiences

We wanted to inform our readers about a recent change with one major credit card issuer. Citi removed us from their affiliate program as a partner (affiliate). This was due to a few articles I wrote recently about my experience with their system.

These articles were published in two ways. The first was to assist you, the reader in navigating a system that wasn't very user-friendly. Citi wanted to hear the complaints of end users and make improvements.

I thought that I had achieved this with my phone call to their main office regarding their bizarre fraud verification process. They never fulfilled their promises, and they continue to call relatives to verify end users.

These are the articles they disagreed with:

What does it mean for the future?

Nothing! Citi credit cards and promotions will be covered, used, and continued to be covered by us. We will not change anything as our goal is to provide you with the best information. As always, we will share our Citi experiences, both good and bad.

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