Cole Beasley, ‘pro-choice’ on vaccine, will now be forced to miss practice

You can have consequences for your actions.

Cole Beasley was sent home from practice Tuesday. He will remain away from the facility for five days, after being exposed by a trainer for COVID.


Beasley was among four Buffalo Bills players sent home with Gabriel Davis, a fellow wide receiver, and Star Lotulelei and Vernon Butler, defensive tackles.

All four players were negative for COVID.

Beasley was also designated as a close contact. The trainer who was positive for the vaccine is still fully vaccinated. However, any players who had contact with him must miss the five days of work as they are not vaccinated. The NFL has different guidelines than for players who have been vaccinated.

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Vaccinated players have more freedom when traveling and are also tested less often than those who are not vaccinated. The vast majority of vaccinated NFL players have a life that is more like normal, while unvaccinated NFL players must follow strict protocols.

Beasley's stance on the vaccine has been in the news for many months. Beasley is not only unvaccinated but he has also criticised the NFL's vaccine policy to protect players.


Beasley claimed that he is pro-choice in regards to vaccines, but the truth is that this is not enough.


The country is being held hostage by the COVID Delta variant and other COVID mutations. Children are getting more sick, hospitals are closing down and the virus is continuing to evolve. Numerous statistics prove that vaccines are more effective than the ones without.

Beasley will make the country less safe by getting in front a camera and spewing such nonsense.


Beasley has made his bed and he must lay down in it for five more days.