Heat All Italian-Style Meats to Prevent Salmonella, CDC Says

Summer evenings are full of delicious summer dishes. You need dinners that are quick, easy and don't require much cooking. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests a slight modification to this recipe: Heat the meat.

Why? The source of the Salmonella outbreak is unknown at this time. Here's everything you need to know about the CDC investigation and how to safely eat antipasto platters.

What we know about the Salmonella epidemic

According to the CDC, currently there are two Salmonella cases linked to Italian-style meats in America. There have been 36 illnesses reported and 12 hospitalizations in 14 states.

The CDC reports that those who fell ill gave information to investigators about what they ate before getting sick. It was the same for both outbreaks: Salami and prosciutto were the most common meats found in antipasto and charcuterie varieties. It is not clear if the two outbreaks are related to the same food source at this time.

Safely consuming Italian-style meats

While CDC investigators work to determine which Italian-style meats are causing these outbreaks, the agency advises consumers who are at greater risk of getting severe Salmonella disease to heat meats to 165F or steam until they are hot before eating. These include people over 65, children under 4 years old, and those with compromised immune systems. The CDC website has additional information on Salmonella.

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What to do if you suspect you might have Salmonella disease

According to the CDC it is important that you call your healthcare provider immediately if you or anyone you know has any of these symptoms.

Diarrhea or a fever greater than 102F

Diarrhea that lasts more than three days and is not improving

Bloody diarrhea

You can't keep liquids down if you have so much vomiting

Dehydration signs include: Dry mouth, dry throat, and dizziness when standing.