Video shared by reporter shows the reality of people trying to get through gates at Kabul airport

Alex Thompson, a Politico reporter, shared a video of Kabul's airport.
Many experts claim that the Biden administration "gaslights the country."

An ex-CIA analyst estimated that evacuations wouldn't be complete before September 21st at this rate.

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A Politico journalist posted a video on Twitter showing people holding their US passports outside Kabul's airport gates.

President Joe Biden reiterated that all Americans who wish to leave the country will be evacuated, but a deadline of August 31 is imminent. In the past 10 days, more than 75,000 people have been evacuated.

However, reports from the ground paint a less harrowing picture of evacuation.

Alex Thompson posted the video. It shows a soldier standing on a wall and seemingly giving directions. People with US passports are waiting outside the gate. The blurred out video was sent to Politico by a liaison.

According to Politico, the video was made to "raise awareness about the differences between reality and rhetoric."

After the US announced that it was leaving Afghanistan, the Taliban took over Kabul, the capital, on August 16. The rapid fall of the US-backed Afghan government sparked a massive exodus of Americans and Afghans living in Afghanistan.

Critics of the Biden administration have been levelled at it for the chaos and concern that Americans would abandon those who assisted them.

Chris Purdy, Human Rights First's project manager for the Veterans for American Ideals program, said to Politico that the administration’s attempts to make Kabul chaos under control are "the definition gaslighting."

Bryan Metzger, an Insider reporter, previously reported that Matt Zeller (a veteran and ex-CIA analyst) also accused the administration "gaslighting" the country on the topic Special Immigrant Visas to Afghans. This was in a discussion on MSBNC Tuesday.

MSNBC's Zeller said that he tried to provide a better and more organized route for Afghanistan to leave Afghanistan, "as soon as February."

Zeller stated that he hopes the "Biden administration finally realizes that they are going to be judged based on one number and one alone, for all of history: And that's just how many people have we left behind." Zeller believes that September 21 is a better date to complete evacuations than the current pace.