A Nevada hospital is begging residents to 'get vaccinated' as it becomes inundated with COVID-19 patients. Only 26% of the county is fully vaccinated.

In Nevada, Elko County Hospital urged residents to get immunized due to a rise in COVID-19-related infections.
They said that the tragedy was heartbreaking, frustrating, and exhausting, but they were able to prevent it from happening again Tuesday.

According to state health data, approximately 43% of Nevada's population was fully vaccinated as of Monday.

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A Nevada hospital urged residents to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Health workers are doing everything possible to control the rapid rise in patients.

The Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital, Elko County, Nevada leadership team released a statement Tuesday acknowledging that the Delta coronavirus had "devastated our community, hospital, and state's healthcare system with a vengeance."

They wrote that the COVID-19 patients being admitted to the hospital are the youngest and sickest they've ever seen during the pandemic. It is frustrating, heartbreaking, and exhausting, but it can be prevented.

According to state health data, Nevada reported Monday that almost 3 million doses COVID-19 vaccine had been administered in the state. About 43% of Nevada's population is fully vaccinated. As of Monday, the state had reported more than 380,000 cases of COVID-19.

Elko County in particular has nearly 55,000 residents who have been fully vaccinated. This is according to the state vaccination tracker.

Tuesday's letter was signed by Steve Simpson, Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, Chief Medical Staff Dr. Paton Whimple and Alice Allen, Chief Nursing Officer. They wrote that their staff had been doing everything they could to manage the rapid rise in patients but that "our system was strained and our people were tired."

The hospital leaders stated that the hardest part of the situation is realizing it can be avoided and that with your support, we can turn the tide against COVID-19.

They also stated that each vaccine is a hospital bed that can be saved for someone suffering from a stroke, heart attack, or other potentially fatal illness.

Nevadans are resistant to following health safety guidelines such as mandates for masks and vaccine recommendations. Several protestors gathered outside the capitol after Democratic Gov. In the face of a surge in cases, Steve Sisolak restored the mask mandate.

To stop the spread of coronavirus, all citizens of counties that have "substantial" or high community transmission rates are required to cover their faces indoors. Elko was one of 12 affected counties.