Woman Banned from Zoo Over 'Affair' With Chimp

It is said that opposites attract. But one woman took this too far and was banned from a Belgian Zoo after her owners felt she had gotten too close to one of their primates.
According to reports, the lady's name was Adie Timmermans and she just received the boot from Antwerp Zoo. She had been involved in a 4-year-old "affair" with a male chimpanzee named Chita, which she continued with. Evidently, she would stop by the glass every week to interact with the creature behind glass.

Timmermans' love for Chita was causing him to be isolated from his environment. According to the zoo, Chita was being isolated during visiting hours. This is something that can happen if one gets too close to people. It makes sense. We believe that Chita was once a pet so it is not his fault that he loves people.

You don't have to worry, this unrequited passion did not get physical. They say it was a matter of blowing kisses and waving. No monkey sex, thank God.

Timmermans is still upset about the situation, saying that it is unfair that she cannot visit Chita while other people will continue doing so. Timmermans seems really upset, as she says that this is all she has. It's so sad!


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