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Best Raspberry Pi 4 cases Android Central 2020
You'll want the best Raspberry Pi 4 case. These cases will keep dust and debris away from your keyboard, as well as protect you against static shock. You don't have to buy a case that comes with the best Raspberry Pi 4 kit. It's okay to get another one if it suits your needs.

Miuzei Raspberry Pi4 Case Staff Pick This case is a great deal. It includes a beautiful acrylic enclosure, heat sinks and a cooling fan. This case can be used with any project because it has all the pins and ports. This is a great place to start if you aren't sure which product to choose. Amazon Supercooling Vilros Raspberry Pi 4 Clear case $16 This clear acrylic case by Vilros can be assembled quickly and has a mount to hold a camera. There are also cut-out channels below for maximum airflow. The case channels and the fan will keep your Pi cool, no matter what you do. Amazon: $7

$9 at Walmart The included tower fan has some RGB lights to give your build some flair. This unique case is not likely to cause your Pi to overheat. Amazon Stacks on Stacks - iUniker Raspberry pi 4 Cluster Case $23 You can do this by purchasing a single stacking bag like the one from iUniker. Amazon Mount anywhere - VGE Raspberry Pi Wall Mount Metal Case This aluminum case by VGE allows you to mount your Pi 4 wherever you like. Mounting your Pi 4 is easy with the included bracket. It attaches easily to the bottom. Mount your Pi on the wall to raise it above clutter and other junk. Amazon: $20 Everything is a Heatsink Unistorm Raspberry Pi 4 case The best way to fix heat problems with your computer is to use a heatsink. This case features a great passive heatsink design and an active cooling fan to keep things cool when it's not too hot. Amazon: $16 All ports - MazerPi Raspberry Pi4 Case The case includes a heatsink, fan, and all the ports you need. There are two micro-HDMI ports and a USB-C port for power. Rubber feet are also included on the bottom of the case to ensure that your Pi 4 does not slip on your desk. Amazon Sliding magnetic cover : Argon NEO Raspberry Pi4 Heatsink Case. The Argon40 NEO heatsink case is simple to use and allows easy access to the board. You can access all GPIO ports by simply removing the magnetic cover. It's made of aluminum so it looks great no matter where it is placed. $15 Amazon Quiet cooling: Smraza Raspberry Pi 4 acrylic case If you use the Pi 4 a lot, it can get a little hot. With a specially-tuned fan, four heat sinks and a case made of acrylic, the Smraza Acrylic Case is designed to address these concerns. Smraza allows you to easily access all your parts and provides a 3A USBC power supply. Amazon $15 Add a display: MazerPi Raspberry Pi4 Touchscreen Case You have access to all ports and a fan to cool everything. This is especially important when you consider the 3.5-inch touchscreen display with 320x480 resolution that acts as the top case. Amazon $30 Add a hard disk : Geekworm Raspberry Pi 4, X835 Metal Case If storage space is a concern and you want something stronger, the Geekworm X835 case is the perfect choice. It's easy to mount your Pi 4 inside. There's even a dedicated slot for a SATA hard disk. Only problem is that you will need to replace the 5V basic power supply with a 12V DC one. Amazon Retrogaming Console - $30 Get a cool retro-styled case if you are making a retro console. The RETROFLAG 4 Case comes with everything you need, including the Raspberry Pi 4 and a safe shutdown function. You can even get a cartridge-style case with a 2.5-inch SSD. This will give you more storage than a microSD card. Amazon: $40

There is something for everyone

You'll find a lot of accessories options even with a new product like the Raspberry Pi 4. It can be difficult to discern the difference between the good and bad products. I have spent time comparing the available products and selected the top-rated ones to share my findings. These are the cases I would use (and do).

The Miuzei Raspberry Pi 4 Case is my favorite product, and it works for all applications. It is easy to assemble, looks great, and will keep your Pi cool and safe. This is the case that I am currently using to learn more about the Raspberry Pi 4.

The VGE Raspberry Pi 4 Wall Mount Case is a great idea. I have seen what can happen when the brains of a project sit down where the clutter lives. It's a simple task to keep the Pi high above any other components. I will be ordering more boards as I convert existing projects to the newer version.

You will be satisfied with any of these cases. As I discover new ways to use the Raspberry Pi 4, I can see myself using all of them.