Digital locker app Movies Anywhere adds AI-powered lists to organize your library – TechCrunch

Movies Anywhere is an app that lets you centralize your digital movie collection across multiple services. Now, they are rolling out a new feature to help you better understand your growing library. Today, the company introduced My Lists, an AI-powered feature that automatically groups movies based on a variety of factors such as genre, actor, franchise, and theme.
The feature may make it easier for digital movie collectors to browse through larger libraries. Instead of scrolling through pages listing all your movies alphabetically or in order of purchase, this feature allows you to quickly scan rows that contain the content. This makes it much easier to find what's in your library.

If you have all your movies from one franchise, the rows will now be in their own row. This is a significant improvement on the way you used to find these movies in your collection, where they were often buried between other titles that you purchased between franchise purchases.

It is possible to discover that you have a lot of movies in a certain category, such as Action Thrillers or those with a central theme like strong female friendships. This could help you narrow down your movie-night selection.

These algorithmically generated lists can be edited to include or delete titles.

You can also create your own lists. You can create a list of your favorites, movies that you would like to watch with your family or any other way you wish to organize your collection. The feature can also be used to create a list of movies that you haven't yet watched.

After migrating to a new platform in 2017, the Movie Anywhere app is now jointly owned by Disney, Universal Pictures, WB and Sony Pictures. The best thing about the Movie Anywhere app for digital movie lovers is its ability to access all your movies from different services. This includes digital downloads from iTunes, Vudu Prime Video, YouTube and Xfinity. To find out if a title was purchased, you would need to switch between apps.

My Lists is just one of the many features that the company has added to its app over time. It launched Screen Pass last year as a digital movie lending service. Watch Together was a co-watching option that allowed users to watch with up nine friends.

The Movies Anywhere mobile app, desktop, and streaming devices can all access the new My Lists today.