Dog the Bounty Hunter's Daughter Claims Her BLM Support Created Rift

Dog the Bounty Hunter allowed his daughter's passions for racial equality, BLM and marriage to sink their relationship -- at least that's what they claim. But Dog is pushing back, calling her brainwashed.
Bonnie Chapman is the biological daughter of Beth Chapman and Dog. She tells TMZ that she believes that her work with UnleashedTV, a network which canned her father this year, is what led to her and Cecily not being invited to his wedding.

The whole situation came to a boil when Francie Frane (Dog's new fiancee) allegedly sent Bonnie an infuriating text. This seems to be a reference to Bonnie's ongoing partnership with the network.

It says, in part: "[L]et’s not beat around a bush, You and Cecily both know that you weren’t invited to the wedding due to your (sic), living under the same roof as people who stabbed him, robbed, lie, manipulated, smeared (his name) and tried to ruin (his career).

Bonnie tells us Francie refers to Dog's cancelled reality series "Unleashed" -- which was mysteriously cut short earlier in the year. Bonnie claims that her father was fired for using homophobic and racial epithets. This, she says, led to the company ending its contract with him.

Bonnie is still working with UTV on "The System", a program that focuses on racism and supports BLM. She claims this grinds Dog's teeth. She claims that Dog called BLM protesters "thugs", and used other derogatory words.

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Bonnie believes her passion for equality for all is her way to honor her mother's legacy -- she said Beth was always there to speak up when someone was wrong.

Dog claims Bonnie's accusations about him are "false", and nothing more than a misguided attempt at derail Francie and his wedding.

He continues to claim that Cecily and she are being "groomed", by unscrupulous ex-associates of his, guys he tracked down after they allegedly jumped bail. He suggests that they're doing no good now.