Chaotic ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Trailer Spawns Another Mephisto Theory, No Really

No Way Home Marvel
After a leak earlier in the year, Sony released the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer yesterday. Fans have been looking through the footage frame-by-frame, trying to spot any potential cameos that were not obvious the first time.

Since the beginning, we knew this was going be a huge experimentation in multiverses and IP crossovers. It will feature villains from past Sony films. The trailer proves it.

We didn't know the whole story, which is kinda weird. Peter Parker discovers that he is Spider-Man and goes to Doctor Strange in an effort to forget that he is Spider-Man.

Strangely, Doctor Strange doesn't seem to have any problem with this. But Peter realizes that there may be some people he doesn't want to forget: Aunt May, Ned, MJ and Aunt May. He ruins the spell, and voila! Multiverse problems.

This is a strange story, but it's one that was actually drawn from comics. One More Day sees Peter Parker approach Doctor Strange with the same problem. The same solution is offered to everyone: make everybody forget about him.

In comics, Peter makes a deal with Mephisto. Deals with the literal devil are more expensive than you might think. It also ends Peter's relationship with MJ (they were married in the comics), and everyone forgets that he is Spider-Man.

Fans are now on a wild Mephisto chase thanks to the source material. Some believe that Doctor Strange is being strange and may be Mephisto disguised. WandaVision's endless Mephisto theories are well-known. Marvel, however, has been able to avoid him entirely and write his stories.

I think they are doing the same with Doctor Strange and One More Day. This trailer does not suggest that Doctor Strange is Mephisto. Although I agree that he is acting a bit out of character, he may have become cockier recently with no Thanos-like threat. We know that his film about the multiverse is his future movie, so I expect to see him experiment with the new multiverse.

I wouldn't read too much about One More Day's plot, as you could be stepping into spoilers for the film (including at least one death), if the source material is accurate. But Mephisto? But Mephisto?

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