Steph Curry’s mom, Sonya, files for divorce from Dell Curry

According to reports, the separation papers were filed in North Carolina in June
After 33 years of marriage, Steph Curry's parents have decided to end their relationship.

Sonya Curry (55), has filed for divorce from Dell Curry (57), TMZ reports. According to the report Sonya filed papers in North Carolina on June 14th. Their split is still not clear.

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA MAY 14, 2014: Dell Curry and Sonya Curry are the parents of Stephen Curry

Before they got married in 1988, the couple had dated while in college. The couple has three children: son Seth Curry was born in 1990 and is an NBA star with big brother Steph. Sydel Curry was born in 1994.

Sonya is rumored to be the owner and operator of the Montessori School in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was founded by Dell and Sonya in 1995. According to Clutch points, Steph and his siblings attended this educational institution.

Sonya shared her story about how she used her experiences growing up in Radford Virginia with racism to teach her children valuable lessons.

Sonya Curry, The Undefeated's All-Star Weekend host, said that I wanted them understand that even though they may be considered sheltered, they still needed stories.

Steph said that the most important thing she taught us was that we all grew up differently than her. She was quick to point out the facts and help us appreciate our experiences.

Although I don't know when I started telling them these things, I remember saying, "Did you know that your grandmother was a part of integration as a junior high school student?" Sonya said, "Think about that."

Steph explained to the outlet that I understood that there was a lot of stuff happening in Radford and that it was something that she had to deal with every day. Although I didn't have to experience it, I certainly understood. It was evident in her eyes as she spoke about it.

Steph Curry credits his mom for inspiring him to use his platform in order to raise awareness about social and racial problems.

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Sonya stated, "What God has for me, God has also for me." Im a first-generation college graduate. I didn't expect to go to college. I decided to make it my personal competition to see if any other white person was better than me. I will watch them and take the same classes as them because no one is telling what classes to take. That is how I got to college.

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA MARCH 31, 2019: Ayesha Curry, Stephen Curry and Sonya Curry pose for a photo at 16th Street Station, Oakland, California, on April 1, 2019. (Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty images for Facebook

Steph and his siblings grew up in wealthy homes, but his mom made it a point to always appreciate what they had and where they grew up, he stated.

She would always take us home to the place she grew up. We were able to see the world. It instilled core values in us and is what has made us who we are today. He told The Undefeated that she raised us to believe in God and to be thankful for everything.

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