After woman fled from deputies and crashed, her baby was found screaming next to vehicle, charges say

Aug. 23 A 20-year old fled Little Canada police early Saturday to reach speeds of close to 100 mph. She was caught by a retaining wall and rolled her car, according the charges filed Monday.
The 8-month-old girl, who was eight months old, was found by deputies on the ground near the vehicle. She was screaming and flailing her legs and arms. According to the criminal complaint, although the baby was bleeding from her legs, her injuries were superficial when she was taken to the hospital.

Angelica Marie Henry-Schmidt of St. Paul was charged by the Ramsey County attorney's Office. Cloud was charged with fleeing from a peace officer while driving in a motor vehicle, and endangering a child when the situation could lead to harm or death.

A Ramsey County sheriff's deputy was on patrol Saturday morning at 12:17 AM. He noticed a sport-utility car backed up to the building. According to the complaint, there were several burglaries at the building in the last year.

Henry-Schmidt was later identified later as the deputy who pulled into the lot. He asked Henry-Schmidt to stop her car as she passed. He asked her to stop as she vacuumed out her car and she continued on Little Canada Road.

According to the complaint, Henry-Schmidt ran south on I-35E towards Minnesota Highway 36 at speeds exceeding 100 mph. The vehicle was pursued by deputies who turned on their emergency lights. According to a Saturday press release from the sheriff's office, they didn't realize there was an infant in the vehicle until after it crashed.

According to the complaint, Henry-Schmidt drove northbound at 80 mph and exited southbound at Hamline Avenue. Henry-Schmidt lost control and the SUV crashed at Larpenteur Avenue.

According to the complaint, Henry-Schmidt attempted to conceal in her shorts a bag containing a white substance of suspected Narcotics. The results of the search warrant were obtained by law enforcement to draw blood and test Henry-Schmidt.

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As of Monday afternoon, Henry-Schmidt's attorney wasn't included in the court records.

According to the complaint, Henry-Schmidt is currently on probation in Ramsey County for cases in which she was granted stays of imposition of sentences. These included third-degree drug possession and fleeing. In December, she received a 5-year stayed sentence in the gun case.

According to the sheriff's office, she had a Wisconsin Department of Corrections fugitive drug warrant when she was arrested on Saturday.