World No. 6 golfer Bryson DeChambeau accepts invitation to compete in pro long drivers championship

Bryson de Chambeau accepted an invitation to compete at the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship, Mesquite, Nev. on Sept. 27.
DeChambeau shared on Instagram that he believes long-drive competitions can help grow the game.

DeChambeau posted on Instagram, "I want the world to see how incredibly talented these athletes are." "I have been working hard to improve my game so that I have a chance, but will still be able to play my best golf with the regular job."

DeChambeau ranks first on the PGA Tour for driving distance with an average of 321.5 yards per drive. The second round of the Sentry Tournament, on the 12th hole, was his longest drive of the season. He hit the ball 414 yard.

This was the fifth longest drive of the season. Lee Westwood is No. Lee Westwood is at No. 1, with a 425-yard drive at Byron Nelson. Cameron Champ's drive of 424 yards at the Sentry is just 1 yard behind this one.

These numbers are great for the PGA Tour. But DeChambeau will have a lot of work on the Professional Long Drive circuit. Kyler Berkshire is No. Kyler Berkshire is the No. 1 long driver in men's division. He has a 474 yard competitive drive that he completed in March 2017.

DeChambeau is well-known for keeping track of his clubhead speed as well as his ball speed, and trying to improve his numbers to reach their maximum potential to travel the most distance. DeChambeau leads the PGA Tour with clubhead speed and ball speed, but he's yet to surpass 200 mph in a tournament.

Berkshire's highest ball speed was 228.5 mph, and its highest swing speed was 152.6 mph.

DeChambeau reached out to Berkshire during the offseason for advice about how to hit harder and faster. DeChambeau will now be competing against Berkshire to try and surpass the No. The world's No. 1 long-distance driver.