Top Football Tweets: Tyrone Mings and Danny Ings combine and shots fired at Gunners

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Arsenal was dominated by Chelsea at the Emirates

They even trolling Arsenal in Russia right now.

Arsenal's back-to-back defeats left them open for ridicule in Russia's Premier League. You will also notice that some scenes in France were not pleasant to watch - if we get the gist.

These are just a handful of the most memorable tweets from this weekend's football action.

1. It is possible to fax it in

Tyneside fans may have been thankful that they didn't have to view Newcastle United's 2-0 defeat on the road to Aston Villa on high definition television.

2. MingIng goal

We are glad to report that Danny Ings has transferred to Aston Villa, making this graphic possible.


3. All roads lead to Rom

Romelu Lukaku, who was last seen playing for Chelsea 10 years ago, was described as "unplayable" when he played again for Chelsea. He scored the first goal in the Blues' 2-0 win over Arsenal at the Emirates.

An impressive performance

4. 4.

Everyone online is having a great time laughing at Arsenal's loss in their first two games.

Spartak Moscow, which drew with Russian Premier League side Arsenal Tula Saturday, even joined the north London club.

5. Harry Kane runs the clock

After a long summer break, Kane finally returned to Tottenham Hotspur's side on Sunday.

In recent weeks there has been a lot of speculation about his future. Many believe his absence from training is a sign that he wants Manchester City.

6. Manchester United fans see Fred

Manchester United lost to Southampton on Sunday after a thrilling opening game of the new season.

Many blamed the midfield.

7. Violence Mars game - Not Nice to See

After fans stormed the pitch, Nice v Marseille was forced to abandon Ligue 1. After Dimitri Payet, Marseille's captain, was hit in the back with a bottle from home fans, the trouble began.

A few Marseille players were injured during the incident and refused to return to their pitch after a lengthy delay.

8. Proper football gear

On Saturday, Liverpool hosted Burnley. Burnley have been accused of not playing modern football. However, their use of the 1-11 shirt number is a throwback that everyone can appreciate.

9. 9.

Sinisa Mihajlovic, Bologna manager, is shaping the future of managerial fashion for Serie A. It seems that football managers no longer have to choose between a club shop tracksuit or a cap.