Y Combinator-backed Adra wants to turn all dentists into cavity-finding ‘super dentists’ – TechCrunch

The dental industry, like other healthcare areas, is embracing technology. While most of the technology is used in orthodontics, startups like Adra are using artificial intelligence to improve dentists' day-to-day workflow. This includes finding cavities in a $435.08 million global market for dental services.
Although the company is based in Singapore, it was established in 2021. However, the idea was born last year. Hamed Fesharaki, co-founder, has been a dentist over a decade. He also owns two clinics here in Singapore.

Although dentists can learn how to read Xrays at dental school, it can take several years to become proficient. As they move between patients, dentists often only have a few minutes to read X-rays.

Yasaman Nematbakhsh, co-founder, said that dentists can misdiagnose cavities as often as 40%. Fesharaki's background is in imaging. She developed an artificial intelligence machine that identified hard-to-see tumors. Fesharaki believed it could be used for dental medicine.

Fesharaki stated that Adras' intent is to make every dentist a great dentist. The software detects cavities and other problems faster than traditional X-rays and 25% more accurately. Clinics can then use this time to better serve patients, increase revenue and save money.

He explained that we are looking through the eyes of an experienced dentist to illustrate the issues by turning the Xrays into images to better comprehend what to look out for. The dentist is ultimately in control, but we can help them to compare and make suggestions.

Dentists can quickly identify the problem and determine the best treatment.

The company, which also has Shifeng Chen as a co-founder, is wrapping up its Y Combinators summer cohort. It has raised $250,000 to date. Fesharaki plans to raise more seed capital and hire more engineers to improve user experience and add new features.

There are currently a few pilot clinics in the company and they hope to add more as it works toward a U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance. Fesharaki estimates that it will take six to nine month to get the clearance. Then Adra can hit the markets in late 2022 to early 2023.