Can you solve it? Logical philosophers

Today's puzzles feature mini-dramas with well-known philosophers.
1. Late Wittgenstein

Wittgenstein has been murdered. One of Friedrich Nietzsche or Lou Andreas-Salom Karl Marx, Ludwig Feuerbach, or Friedrich Nietzsche is the culprit. These are their statements. The truth is that the guilty person lies all the time, while everyone else tells it the truth.

Nietzsche: Salom was the culprit.

Salom: Marx is innocent.

Feuerbach: Saloms' statement is true.

Marx: Nietzsches statement is false.

Wittgenstein was killed by whom?

2. An existential problem

Sun Tzu, Iris Murdoch, and Aristotle all offer you a lift. They want to kill your. One of them doesn't want you to die. You have to choose to go with the philosopher who doesn't want to kill.

Correctly, you are told that at least one of these philosophers will always lie about you (this could or may not be the one that wants to kill your). These statements are made by them:

Sun Tzu: Murdoch, Aristotle and Sun Tzu are the truth.

Murdoch: Choose Sun Tzu or Aristotle to survive.

Aristotle says Murdoch is not the right person to choose if your goal is to live.

Which philosopher would you prefer?

3. The Caf de Flore

Raymond Aron and Simone de Beauvoir were French philosophers. Jean Paul Sartre, Maurice Merleau–Ponty, Maurice Merleau–Ponty, Albert Camus, Simone de Beauvoir and Simone de Beauvoir all drank in the Parisian watering hole. They were all seated at one table while one was at the opposite end of the room. They all drank different beverages.

1. Sartre was the one who drank beer next to Sartre who had never drunk gin.

2. de Beauvoir sat next to the one who had drank the apricot cocktails, but this was not Sartre.

3. Camus, who had never drunk wine, didn't sit next to the one who did.

4. They were both sitting next to one another, the one who had the G&T and one who had the beer. Merleau-Ponty didn't drink either.

5. Merleau-Ponty didn't drink whisky or wine.

Who drinks which drink and who is alone?

Jonny Thomson is the author today's puzzles. He is also the author of Mini Philosophy. This stimulating and well-written book covers 150 thinkers and their ideas. It includes everything from Abelard on best intentions to Zimbardo about becoming evil. This book is enjoyable to read from start to finish.

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Please do not reveal any sensitive information. Please discuss your favorite philosophers.

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