How to FaceTime friends without an iPhone

You've probably been on more video chats since COVID was introduced. Although many people see others in person again after the vaccine, it is still vital to be able to see faces of those around you or across the screen.
FaceTime is the best option for video calls for iPhone users. FaceTime is a great way to FaceTime with friends, even if you don't have an iPhone.

Apple and Android users will be able to join FaceTime calls with iOS 15, which allows non-iPhone owners. FaceTime users can create and send a FaceTime link to anyone using the FaceTime app.

However, there is a catch. Android users will need to open FaceTime in their browser. This doesn't provide the best experience when calling.

iOS 15 will not be available until the fall. However, you might not want to deal directly with FaceTime links. There are many other options to FaceTime that allow iPhone and Android users to seamlessly video chat. These are just a few.

WhatsApp: Go to the conversation of your choice to make a video chat on WhatsApp. You'll see a phone icon and a video camera icon at the top of the screen. To start a video conference, tap the first.

Facebook Messenger: Messenger allows you to video call and it is similar to WhatsApp. This may not be surprising considering that Facebook also owns WhatsApp. Click the camera icon and navigate to the chat for the person/people you wish to call.

Skype and Zoom: These ubiquitous video services also have apps that allow you to make video calls. It doesn't matter which type of phone you have, as long as they have the app.

Android users will soon have FaceTime in some capacity. However, there are other options for video chatting.