Nice 1-0 Marseille: Match abandoned after fans storm pitch

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Nice led 1-0 when a group home fans stormed onto the pitch

Dimitri Payet got hit with a bottle, and then threw it back in the crowd. This caused Nice v Marseille to be abandoned.

Payet of Marseille was hit in the back by a glass thrown by home supporters while he tried to take a corner.

It was launched back by him, causing fans to pour onto the pitch while stewards struggled to contain them.

After a long delay Nice's players finally came out to end the game. But Marseille's players refused.

As a result, the game was abandoned. Nice led 1-0 with Kasper Dolberg’s goal in the first half.

Some Marseille players were reported to have been injured by the external-link incident.

Pablo Longoria, president of Marseille, said that "our players were attacked."

"We made the decision to not resume the match for safety reasons, as our players were being attacked during the pitch invasion."

As the players attempted to leave the pitch, chaos ensued with scuffles and Marseille coach Jorge Sampaoli being held back by his staff.

Marseille players were targeted by plastic water bottles from the same section of the crowd during the match. One hit Payet and the midfielder was thrown to the ground.

Alvaro Gonzalez and Matteo Guendouzi, team-mates, ran to the ground to confront the crowd. Nice skipper Dante tried to calm the angry fans.

Before the pitch invasion broke out, a security guardon of stewards attempted to stop it.

Officials and players eventually reached the pitch and were able to walk down the tunnel, away from the chaos outside.

This comes two weeks after Marseille's opening win over Montpellier, 3-2, was also held up by bottles-throwing fans.

The game was stopped in the 89th minute when Marseille substitute Valentin Rongier was hit on his head. Montpellier's Florent Moullet was also hit as the latter prepared to take a corner.

Longoria referred to the game two weeks ago and said: "This is only the second time it has happened." This is what we have seen in Montpellier, where we made the decision to go on after it was decided that we would continue.

"What happened today was unacceptable. It must be a precedent for French football, and that is why we chose to return to Marseille.

Jean-Pierre Rivere of Nice, the president, had called for calm during the delay and felt that Marseille was to blame.

He said, "It's disappointing the game ended this way."

"Everyone witnessed what happened. Because we all saw it, it is clear that water bottles were thrown. The reaction of two Marseille players, who retaliated, was what sparked the violence.

"It is regrettable that the Marseille security personnel intervened on ground level and hit our players,"

Jorge Sampaoli, Marseille boss, had to be restrained

After running to the pitch, one fan kicked Payet in the face.

Before players were asked to leave, there were chaos scenes

Marseille's players did not return to the pitch in time to win, but Nice's players did. Nice's players applauded those who remained in the ground.