New Trailers: Eternals, Foundation, The Hand of God, and more

I believe I have found the maximum number of streaming shows that I can keep up/commit to simultaneously, and that number is three-and-a-half. Netflix has ended season 3 of Manifest so I added Manifest to the rotation. Thank you streaming channels for your great timing! Here are some quick recaps of the shows from the past week:
Finale of White Lotus. The White Lotus finale. While I will always be haunted by the theme song, the deeply disturbing show was unsettling until the end. It wasn't something I loved, but it is still something I cannot stop thinking about. Vulture has a fascinating interview with Kathryn VanArendonk, where Mike White discusses how he takes criticism of the show.

Ted Lasso episode 5, official title: Rainbow: I love this rom-comism/Roy Kent-centric episode. Although the show left some important plot threads (Jamie Tartt and the Dubai Air protest, as well as the financial state of the team) on the back burner for its Christmas episode, I don't think they have forgotten them. I haven't seen any screeners so I will be watching each episode at the same time everyone else. The latest episode also featured a significant plot point with Roy Kent, which should add some spice to the second half of the season. You guys, just believe.

The Good Fight: Wanda Sykes is an excellent addition to the show, and her character is fascinating. However, the Good Fight feels a little too stuffed with quirkiness. Wackners court is moving in a sinister and illegal direction. Wackners court is heading in a sinister (and illegal!) direction that hopefully the show will bring to an end soon. Still, Audra McDonald's and Christine Baranski make this show well worth the time (and Sarah Steele definitely needs a Marissa spinoff).

Here are this weeks trailers


Why didn't the Eternals assist the Avengers in fighting Thanos? Gemma Chans Sersi explains that they were not allowed to interfere in human conflicts unless Deviants were involved. The Eternals now have seven days to get the band together in order to stop Deviants. Eternals is directed by Chloe Zhao and stars Richard Madden (Brian Tyree Henry), Selma Hayek. It will be in theaters on November 5th.


Jay Peters, my colleague, said that the trailer for the science-fiction series based upon the Asimov books has some Game of Thrones vibes but in space. Although I was able to get a darker, more frightening Star Wars vibe with no light-sabers, it is not something I would recommend. Jared Harris plays Dr. Hari Seldon who predicts the end of the Empire. (See? Jared Harris stars as Dr. Hari Seldon, who has predicted the fall of the Empire (see?). He brings a group of loyal followers to The Foundation to help rebuild civilization. Lou Llobell and Leah Harvey star as well as Leah Harvey, Lou Pace, Lou Llobell and Cassian Bilton. Foundation's first two episodes will be available on Apple TV Plus starting September 24, with eight additional episodes coming weekly thereafter.

The Hand of God

The Hand of God, directed by Oscar-winning Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino is the story of a young boy from Naples in 1980s who is saved by Diego Maradona, a soccer star. Variety was told the story of Maradona's inadvertent saving of Sorrentino's life many years ago by Sorrentino. This film has been called The Hand of God. You won't be surprised to learn that Naples looks stunning in the trailer. Filippo Scotti and Toni Servillo star in The Hand of God. It will soon be available on Netflix and in theaters.


Krysten Ritter seems to be having the time and the best of her lives in this trailer. She plays a witch who commands a young boy to write frightening stories every night in her enchanted apartment. Nightbooks is based on the young adult novel. Winslow Fegley stars and LidyaJewett plays the two creative kids who must defeat the witch. It will be available on Netflix starting September 15th.