Best password manager for Android 2021

Password managers are essential in an age when passwords are all around and you can't remember them all. You should balance price, features and design. It also needs to be user-friendly and secure. You must change all passwords if your passwords are compromised by a server breach or an encryption error. These managers are the best, as they each have their own strengths and features, and want to be the best.
These are the top Android password managers. 1Password was once an Apple-only app. However, the app is now user-friendly and has the same features as its iOS counterpart. Dashlane is a beautiful password manager. Dashlane has been around for years, and it has seen many design changes. However, the most recent version is undoubtedly the best. It's also great at managing passwords. Even with the changes made to LastPass' free app, it's difficult to ignore LastPass. Although the new limitations can be frustrating, LastPass Premium remains an option for many. 1. 1.

1Password's simplicity is the best thing about it. Like all other options on this list, the app can tie into Android's built in password manager SDK. However, if the app doesn't support it, 1Password's keyboard lets you copy and paste a username or password into the appropriate field. 1Password can generate strong passwords and 2FA codes using tags and groups. It supports multiple vaults and seamlessly switches between them. 1Password is fast to load and crashes rarely. 1Password now supports U2F keys, which adds an additional layer of security to your account as well as your passwords. Our managing editor Daniel Bader said that 1Password is a great tool and worth the annual subscription. It's actually a bargain at $36 per year.

1Password 1Password is the easiest password manager to use. Although it was a slow-growing password manager a few years back, it has since grown to be one of the most user-friendly and feature-rich password managers. The $36 per-year membership is very competitive. However, 1Password has a trial period, but you have to pay to play. $36 per annum (Single user Premium).

$60 per annum (5-user Family Premium).

2. Dashlane

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central

Dashlane is close behind 1Password as a favourite. Dashlane is a beautiful application that allows you to quickly find the passwords you need. You won't be without your passwords because there are apps available for almost every platform. While the free Dashlane version will suffice for many, you'll likely find yourself battling with its limitations quickly. Dashlane can only store 50 passwords at once. This is the biggest drawback. Although 50 passwords may seem like a lot considering how many accounts and logins we have, it is really only a small fraction of the total. The free version can only store 50 passwords. Dashlane Essentials offers unlimited password storage and the ability to use the service on two devices. Dashlane Premium is the best choice if you are looking to replace LastPass or get started with a password manager. Dashlane Premium offers a free 30-day trial to get you started and help you organize everything. After that, the app can be used on unlimited devices with no restrictions as to how many passwords you can store. You'll also receive alerts from Dashlane’s Dark Web Monitoring service, as well as a VPN to protect your WiFi.

3. LastPass

LastPass lets you remember only one password to gain access to your data on a new device. It is your master password. LastPass is a better password manager than 1Password, which requires you to keep track of access keys. LastPass allows you to sign in to a new device easily and uses your email to provide secondary authentication. You can set passwords that are only visible to certain identities. This is extremely useful for shared accounts or teams. LastPass's free version has been updated, which could make you wonder if it is time to upgrade to a better password service. The company recently announced plans to limit the LastPass app's use to mobile devices and computers. Your "active device type" (your mobile device) will be locked to your Android phone when you sign in to LastPass starting March 2021. If you choose to sign into LastPass on your computer for free, your "active device" will be locked to all computers that you use. People who thought they could switch between computer and mobile devices will be disappointed. LastPass offers free users only three options to switch before they are forced to upgrade to LastPass Premium. Although it's not the end, it is a significant change for LastPass Premium users who were already a fan of its free options.

Other great options Enpass

Security and convenience are the most important aspects of any password manager. Enpass provides the same level security as other password managers, but it also offers an additional layer of security because it doesn’t store any data. You can choose where you want to save and sync your data, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Although this adds some overhead, you can still have peace of mind knowing that you control the vault's exact location. There's also convenience. Enpass offers apps for all major platforms. Your cloud service can also provide syncing. However, there is nothing more convenient than not having to pay recurring fees just to keep your password manager handy. Enpass is a one time purchase and not a subscription. You can buy it once you have it. That's all.

Microsoft Authenticator

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While it has taken a while to build Microsoft's apps and services, Microsoft has been much more focused in recent years. Edge, which is now using Chromium as its browser, is already one the most popular Android browsers. Microsoft is determined to help you protect your data. Microsoft Authenticator has evolved from a simple 2FA app to a robust password manager over the past few months. You can import your Chrome passwords and use Authenticator to create or modify them. It is a simple and easy way to manage your passwords. The app isn't designed in a way that will make you look giddy, but it's free and can store as many passwords you like.

Microsoft Authenticator - New Contender Updated with a free password manager that works seamlessly with your smartphone and the Microsoft Edge browser, the app now has a new version. Google Play Store

Google Passwords

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Google Password Manager does not disguise itself as a traditional app. It is integrated into your Google account. This manager is already available to us because we are already using Android and have downloaded apps. Google provides assistance whenever you need help to create new accounts or update passwords. Although there are many great password managers that offer more control and multi-layer security, Ara Wagoner, our writer, has not felt the need for one. Google default Autofill does the job just fine. I hate to store my passwords anywhere. However, I must admit that it is much easier to remember a Master Key than hundreds of individual passwords. My most important passwords are kept safe outside of any system. The rest of my passwords are stored in Google Passwords behind my Master Key that I use most of the time: my 2-factor enabled Google Account password.

Google Passwords with built-in basics Google Passwords is free


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You may feel a familiarity with RememBear just by looking at the logo. TunnelBear is a very similar VPN service if you have ever used it. RememBear is from the same company and can be used on all your devices. Browser extensions can be used on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Or you can just use the mobile app for your smartphone or tablet. The app can save passwords and logins, and provide end-to-end encryption. You can also save your credit card information so you have it available for when your wallet is not there. You might also want to write down notes but not want to store them in a Google Keep. Start RememBear and start jotting down the things you want to remember. Keep it safe with one of our top Android password managers.

RememBear TunnelBear has a reputation for being a reliable and cute VPN. In late 2017, RememBear introduced a password manager, RememBear. It was just too funny to miss. The manager is easy to use and well-designed. Free (one-device, no sync/backup)

$6 per month (single-user Premium) at RememBear


NordPass is a VPN app that offers password managers. This is only one of many offerings by NordVPN, one of the most popular Android VPN apps. You can import your passwords directly from your browser or use a CSV file to transfer them if you have a different password manager. NordPass is completely free, but you can only use it on one device. You'll need to pay around $1.50 per monthly if you want access to all your passwords across your devices. This will allow you to access six devices simultaneously, and a Password Health scanner so that your passwords remain strong. NordPass' Data Breach scanner will alert you if your login or password has been compromised so that you can quickly change it.


Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central

Bitwarden is a better password manager than Microsoft and Google. Bitwarden allows unlimited password storage and provides the option to generate new passwords. All of your passwords will sync across all devices you use Bitwarden with. Bitwarden Premium adds extra features to the free version. Bitwarden Authenticator will be your companion and you'll have 1GB encrypted file storage. You can also store images or other notes. Bitwarden Premium supports two-step authentication via integration with the YubiKey if you're interested in that kind of thing.