GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger rips into Trump and Mike Pompeo for 'getting rolled' by the Taliban

Rep. Adam Kinzinger attacked Trump and Pompeo over their negotiations with Taliban last year.
Kinzinger stated to CNN that "they set this up for failure."

Kinzinger also blamed Biden for the failure to secure Afghanistan.

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Rep. Adam Kinzinger attacked the deal between the Taliban and the Trump administration, claiming that it was the catalyst for the current failures in Afghanistan.

Illinois Republican claims that former President Donald Trump, and Mike Pompeo, then Secretary of State, are to blame for America's "disastrous” withdrawal from the country.

Trump said publicly, "We must get out of Afghanistan at any cost. It's not worth the effort. "Mike Pompeo meets with Taliban leaders and tries to negotiate something," Kinzinger stated during a CNN appearance.

He continued, referring specifically to Neville Chamberlain, the British prime minister who negotiated 1938 Munich Agreement. This agreement was widely criticised for enabling the Nazi invasion in Poland.

Kinzinger stated, "They set it up to fail."

Wyoming GOP Rep Liz Cheney also attacked Trump's deal on Sunday, calling it a surrender to the Taliban.

Cheney stated to NBC News that "We sat down, negotiated with terrorists." "We gave credibility the Taliban... We completely undermined the Afghan national government. The Taliban were completely encouraged by us."

Trump, as president, was determined to end America's longest-running war and remove American troops from Afghanistan. To achieve that goal, Trump took an unprecedented step: he negotiated directly with the Taliban. His administration held a series negotiations with the militant group in Qatar and invited them to a secret meeting at Camp David, the presidential retreat Camp David, for the 9/11 anniversary. After a Taliban attack in Afghanistan claimed the life of a US soldier, Trump reversed his decision.

Trump still reached a deal in February 2020 with the Taliban, which stipulated that US troops should be withdrawn from Afghanistan within fourteen months, subject to the Taliban not making the country a terrorist bastion. At the time, the agreement was widely criticised for its adherence to the Taliban and exclusion of the Afghan government. Pompeo was present at the signing ceremony, and took photographs with Abdul Ghani Baradar (the Taliban leader) who is expected to lead the next Taliban government.

Trump attempted to exonerate himself from the situation, and placed sole responsibility for the Taliban takeover and the collapse of the Afghan government on President Joe Biden.

State of the Union (@CNNSotu), August 22, 2021

On Sunday, Kinzinger attacked Trump but also blamed Biden who "could easily turn this around" once Trump became president.

"The Republicans are making Biden look bad by putting out talking points. To point out the mistakes of the previous administration, the Democrats are creating talking points. Kinzinger stated that both are responsible in truth.

He said, "Both the parties have failed America's people."

Biden agreed that Trump's deal would be implemented and that the United States would pull out of Afghanistan. He defended the US troop withdrawal this week, despite being subject to widespread criticism from both sides.