Woman Slaps Man in Face, Fight Erupts at Steelers Game

Reddit / Cal_oe: Watch video content
The Steelers and Lions games had many hits, but it wasn't just on the field. Fans also got involved in the action. One of the most memorable moments was when a woman punched a man in his face.

Now viral video shows the man-woman in an argument. The woman can be heard shouting, "Shut up, get the f*** out!" Evidently, the woman made contact with the man when she yelled. The man told her to stop touching her and took her hand.

This is when the woman delivers the slap... and it's all chaos.

Fists fly and a man sitting next to the woman and apparently someone she knows jumps in her defense. The man who was slapped connects to both the woman and the man... and one punch seems to knock the guy out.

Other fans intervened before the situation got worse. It is currently unknown what caused the whole thing or if arrests were made.

Watch video content at TMZSports.com

This is the second brawl between fans in two weeks. A video from L.A. last Wednesday showed an insane frenzy during Rams games.


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