Two boys, ages 6 and 8, steered their father's car off a Texas freeway after he was struck by a bullet while driving

Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star via Getty Images
After their father was shot and killed while driving, two children drove their car off the freeway.

According to reports, the boys aged 6 and 8 drove the SUV to a nearby lot to seek help.

The boys were not injured, according to police. However, their father was killed on the spot.

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According to reports, two children aged 6 and 8 drove their car off the Texas freeway after their father, who was driving, was shot dead.

John Cannon, a spokesperson for Houston Police Department, said that the incident occurred at 11 p.m. Police stated that the father was driving with his sons in an SUV on Interstate 10 in Houston, Texas when he was hit by a bullet.

KHOU reported that the boys were able steer the car off the highway to a nearby parking lot for help. According to the outlet, a woman walked out of the restaurant and helped the boys. She then called the police.

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According to reports, the boys were not injured, but the father was killed on the spot.

According to Lt. R. Willkens, Houston Police Department, "We don’t know if this was road rage or if someone was trying to get them," KTRK-TV's KTRK-TV. Prayers for their families. They are safe now.

This incident is being investigated by police. Cannon said that they are looking for a "white passenger vehicle" but did not provide any details about the suspect.

Insider reached Houston Police Department for comment but they did not respond immediately.

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