BMX World Championships: Bethany Shriever takes women's final to add to Olympic title

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Bethany Shriever, the Tokyo 2020 gold medallist in BMX, added a new world title to her Olympic crown. She won the women's BMX World Championships.

Shriever, 22 years old, won the final after Alise Willoughby, the United States' reigning world champion, was killed in a three-rider accident.

Former teaching assistant is the first woman in history to simultaneously hold both BMX and supercross titles.

Judy Baauw came in second place, followed by Laura Smulders (a Dutch compatriot).

Shriever, who began in Lane 8, looked thrilled as she crossed the line at Arnhem, Netherlands, to claim her second title within three weeks.

The Olympic champion declared that it was difficult to believe what had happened after the race.

"I have been riding for a while and wanted to get out on the bike and have fun, just like in Tokyo. She said.

"I was happy and relaxed when I went into gate 8. I started well and managed to dig in enough to win. "I'm stunned!"

Shriever was the dominant force in the race thanks to her lightning pace from the gate.

Shriever stated that she felt "pretty chilled" from her position on the outside. She avoided getting caught in the first-corner tangle with Willoughby, Felicia Stancil, and Zoe Claessens, the Swiss rider.

Shriever's remarkable story of success is remarkable, considering the circumstances in which she found herself two years ago.

At 19 years old, she won the junior world title in 2017. She said that it was worrying that she had to crowdfund 50,000 to be able to compete in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

She was able to fulfill her dream of representing Great Britain by winning gold with style, beating Mariana Pajon, the two-time champion.

Shriever expressed gratitude to her family for their support.

"Another gold award - I can't believe!"