Filly Bold and Bossy escapes racetrack, runs onto Kentucky highway

HENDERSON (Ky.) -- A filly aged 2 ran off before a race at a Kentucky track. She then ran onto a highway with cars and was captured Saturday.
Bold and Bossy, a filly by the name of Bold and Bossy, got out on her way to Ellis Park's starting gate. Miguel Mena, Jockey, was removed.

Then, she ran off the track over a levee that led to U.S. 41. Bold and Bossy briefly ran onto Interstate 69 and Veterans Memorial Parkway with a group of trainers chasing them in their cars. The sheriff's office and police also arrived.

Michael Ann Ewing, her owner and trainer, stated from Lexington, "Thank God for all the people that jumped in to find her because she fled town."

Ewing stated that Bold and Bossy had lost two shoes and that a hind hoof had knocked some flesh off the heels of one front foot. However, she was not seriously hurt. Ewing said that the filly was suffering from cramps due to dehydration and was eventually rescued by a husband and wife.

Bold and Bossy was wearing a saddle and her blinkers as she galloped along the highway, close to other vehicles. Jack Hancock, a trainer, stated that the blinkers made it more difficult to stop her.

He said, "She couldn’t see anything else beside her, which made it a little harder trying to catch her." "I've lived here all my life, and I have never seen one run this far or on such a long route."

Horses who get out on the racetrack are more likely to return to their barn. Bold and Bossy, however, had traveled from Lexington to participate in the race.

Hancock stated, "She didn’t know where she should go home."