WWE SummerSlam live results: Becky Lynch makes shocking return, wins SmackDown women's title

WWE's SummerSlam Pay-Per-View will fill Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas (normally the home of Las Vegas Raiders) on Saturday. This should be the largest live crowd since October 2019.
Two world title matches will headline the event, with returning stars who vary in their circumstances. John Cena is fresh from his roles in The Suicide Squad, Fast & Furious, and other roles in Hollywood. He hopes to break the tie with Ric Flair for the most world titles in WWE history. Roman Reigns is up for the Universal title.

Bill Goldberg returns, his first appearance since January's Royal Rumble. His pay-per view return will be in a match for the world title, which is his fourth consecutive appearance. After defeating "The Fiend", Bray Wyatt, for the Universal title in Saudi Arabia in February 2020, he lost that title to Braun Strowman in march 2020. He then failed to win the WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre at Royal Rumble.

The Raw women's championship will feature a triple threat match, featuring Money in the Bank winner Nikki A.S.H. Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair are the opponents. Bianca Belair defends her women’s title against Sasha Banks on SmackDown in a rematch of Wrestlemania 37.

The card features six more matches, including a grudge match between Edge & Seth Rollins.

You can follow along as the action unfolds throughout the night to get instant recaps and analysis on SummerSlam.

These are the results

Becky Lynch defeated Bianca Belair in 26 seconds and became the SmackDown women’s champion at SummerSlam.

Allegiant Stadium witnessed a huge emotional swing. Sasha Banks vs. Belair was advertised for weeks, despite Banks not appearing live on SmackDown during the buildup to SummerSlam. A video package previewing the match was run before Belair made her entrance.

Greg Hamilton, the ring announcer, casually announced that Banks would not be able to compete and that Carmella would take his place. The crowd was not happy with this announcement.

Lynch's music played just before the bell rang. The crowd went wild, and it became apparent that this weekend was about more than one highly anticipated return.

Lynch challenged Belair to match and took out Carmella. After a pause, Belair agreed. Lynch transformed a handshake into an attack, followed by a punch and a Uranage called the "Manhandle Slam". The contest ended in less than a minute, leaving the audience confused.

Belair was able to end Banks' title reign quickly after building a lot of goodwill and performing more impressively since the Wrestlemania main event.

Next: Perhaps some answers. For example, why Banks was absent. Perhaps some context to explain why such a short match was necessary. Lynch and Belair are likely to meet in a real match soon. Banks seems unlikely to leave the title picture, as long as she isn't seriously hurt.

Damian Priest beat Sheamus at SummerSlam and became the United States champion. Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Damian Priest was left to fend for himself in the months that followed the departure of Bad Bunny. This was his chance to get back on the main roster, where he achieved great things and opened many eyes.

Priest could use a win over Sheamus at SummerSlam as the United States champion to launch into bigger things.

Sheamus was the dominant player in the early stages of the contest and even posed with Priest on his knee after a backbreaker. Priest temporarily halted the momentum when he made a powerbomb a Headscissor. But Sheamus quickly reversed it and slammed Priest on the mat.

Priest tried to fight his way back using a series punches to Priest's face and a clothesline. He then followed that with a Bell Clap and a high kick, as well as a spinning heel kick off of the top rope.

Priest grabbed Sheamus' throat while standing on the toprope, but his chokeslam attempt failed as Sheamus brought Priest neck first into the toprope, followed by an Alabama Slam. Priest responded with a kick and a headbutt to Sheamus, which set him up for a Brogue Kick.

The chaotic energy spun back and forth as Priest flew off of the ropes. Sheamus connected with one knee, but only got two counts. Sheamus wanted a Cloverleaf, but Priest pulled him up to break the hold. They stayed intertwined, which allowed Sheamus to lock onto a heel hook. Priest then ripped Sheamus’ nose-protecting mask off.

Priest beat Sheamus while he tried to cover his face. He then dropped Sheamus face first into the ringpost with Snake Eyes, and then landed flush with an explosive heel kick. Priest won the three-count.

What's next? Priest has not been defeated in singles since leaving NXT and it appears likely that he will carry the United States title into some big matches going forward. Sheamus' future is not clear. He might be able to benefit from moving to SmackDown, which could open up new opportunities.

Randy Orton and Riddle -- RKBRo - won the Raw tag team championships during SummerSlam. Joe Camporeale - USA TODAY Sports

Randy Orton and Riddle opened SummerSlam's main card by defeating Omos and AJ Styles, to become the new Raw tag champions.

Since Riddle first suggested the idea of a team, the dynamic between Orton and Riddle has been constantly shifting. The solidification of their bond -- RKBro -- came at the perfect moment. Although it was awkwardly obvious from the beginning of the match, the chemistry was evident from Riddle's use of Orton to perform Styles' flipping senton.

Styles quickly added Omos to the match and had Riddle at his will. Styles was able to tag in Omos and hit a tandem spinning DDT using Omos after Riddle attempted to take control of the match.

Riddle battled his way to Orton's hot tag, and when he did, Styles and Omos were on their toes. Styles was pulled out by Omos, but Orton set up an RKO and Omos choked Riddle onto his apron.

Riddle quickly appeared and countered Omos's slam on his outside. Styles took a move from his past and added a twist. Styles moonsault off Riddle's apron as he stood outside, then seamlessly entered a reverse DDT.

Styles was patient and took a victory lap before making his last mistake. He missed a Phenomenal Forearm but managed to block an RKO and make it into a roll up with a few tights. Orton came back and connected on an RKO to win the match for his team.

Next: Shenanigans. As Orton and Riddle's bond strengthens over the weeks, it is possible to have more fun with them. Omos and Styles could be rematches, possibly as early as Monday. Styles will hopefully be back in singles action soon and can challenge for the title.

SummerSlam could have ended the rivalry between the Usos and Mysterios, which has been going on for months.

The Usos won the definitive Smackdown tag team title defense and dominated the match.

Rey and Dominik started well, with Dominik landing three straight vertical suplexes to the Amigos. Jey Uso was given the blind tag by Jimmy and Dominik began to fall off the top rope. Dominik then fell into the ringside barricade, followed by the ringpost. The Mysterios never seemed to be in control.

Dominik struggled to get beyond the middle of the ring. Jimmy and Jey maintained control and made frequent tags. Jey attempted to mock the Mysterios with his own version 3 Amigos on Dominik. But a neckbreaker allowed Dominik and Rey to tag in the match.

Rey connected immediately on a high-impact DDT on Jimmy. Jimmy then flipped the situation with a superkick. Jey lifted Rey up, which allowed Jimmy to Hurricanrana Jimmy from the ring. But Jey took control and hit a springboarding Rey with an incredible superkick. This was followed by a top-rope splash. The combination that won many matches for Jey and The Usos together only received a two count.

Dominik fought Jey on the apron and fell face-first into it for his troubles. Rey used the chaos to get Jimmy ready for the 619 and connected. Jey was then taken out with a running kick outside. However, a frog splash from Jimmy went horribly wrong as he got on his knees.

Rey got a double superkick, then Jey got a splash, and that was it.

What's next? Did Dominik Mysterio cheat to win SmackDown last week? This is a topic that requires more research. Mentorship over tag team matches might be the best option. Roman Reigns' future will be a major influence on the fate of the Usos.

A match with a wrestler hitting an inanimate doll during a break is unlikely to be the same as a regular wrestling match. This is especially true if the same doll is used to slap another opponent. Eva Marie was able to do this with Lilly and Alexa Bliss, setting off a frenzy of aggression.

Twisted Bliss was launched from the top rope by Bliss, but Eva Marie missed the attack and got two counts in the aftermath. This led directly to the end of the match. Eva Marie argued against the referee and Bliss used the confusion to connect on the DDT for victory.

Doudrop, Eva Marie’s frustrated support system, smiled at Eva Marie's win and asked for a microphone. Eva Marie is the loser in this match! Doudrop yelled, before putting on Eva Marie's entrance gown and sashaying off.

Next: Bliss will do some spooky stuff, but against a different foil. Doudrop might be able to finally get away from Eva Marie and perhaps even give up that ridiculous name.

Continue reading.

Big E defeated Baron Corbin in SummerSlam, and he took back the Money in the Bank briefcase. WWE

Baron Corbin's struggle to survive in a spiraling, broke situation over the past few months has been the most interesting story in WWE.

This desperation was further displayed on Smackdown when Big E stole Big E’s Money in Bank briefcase from a merchandise table backstage. Right in front of Big E. That was the set-up for Saturday's SummerSlam kickoff match between them.

Corbin controlled the match for a surprising length considering his recent woes. But Big E came in late and won the match with a Big Ending.

Next: Corbin was subdued and Big E naturally took his briefcase. He can cash in at any moment, and SummerSlam could not be closed without a cash-in. While that is always possible at major events, it's more likely that WWE will continue to play the long game. If Bobby Lashley and Reigns leave Las Vegas with their titles intact Big E is just as likely to chase Lashley.

We'll watch Corbin's spiral to see how low it can go.

There are still more to come.

Edge vs. Seth Rollins

WWE Championship: Bobby Lashley (c), vs. Goldberg

WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c), vs. John Cena