Netflix Magic: The Gathering Animated Series Hires Jeff Kline

Netflix's animated version of Magic: The Gathering features a new creative team.

Deadline reports that Joe and Anthony Russo first became involved in the project's announcement in 2019. Head writers Henry Gilroy, Jose Molina were also present. The Russos, along with their creative team, have now moved on and Jeff Kline, Transformers: Prime's executive producer, is in charge. Kline will be creating a new storyline that is based on the tabletop trading card game.


Kline was not left behind by the Russos, who helped transition one creative team to another. Kline expressed gratitude to the Russos, for inviting me into the world Magic: The Gathering, specifically over dinner at one their favorite Cleveland restaurants. Magic is one those rare intellectual properties that has such a rich source of mythology, picking and choosing is only half the battle. Everyone involved in the series knows how much this universe is loved and feels the immense pressure of translating Magic across media.

Klines team also includes Steve Melching, co-executive producer and story editor (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), Audu Paden, Izzy Medrano, Taneka Stotts, Russell Sommer & Dan Frey and Nicole Dubuc. Snowball Studios will handle animation, replacing the previously announced Bardel Studio.

Entertainment One, a Hasbro-owned indie studio, and Toymaker Wizards of the Coast issued a joint statement regarding the new creative team.

Although the Russo Brothers have since left the animated series, their enthusiasm for the game and early creative perspectives helped us shape the project so that fans of the game as well as those new to the Gathering Universe can enjoy it. We also believe the series will be a success because they are able to share what millions of people around the world have known for 25 years.

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