Afghan fighters recapture territory from Taliban as pockets of armed resistance emerge across country

Afghans raise the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan's national flag despite Taliban fighters surrounding them at a rally in Kabul for Independence Day. Thursday, August 19, 2021 Marcus Yam/Getty images
In Afghanistan, there is a resistance movement against the Taliban.

Anti-Taliban fighters are reported to have retaken territory from insurgents in Baghlan.

Panjshir Valley resistance movement is also led by the former vice-president, and the son of a mujahideen sheo.

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According to reports, Afghan resistance fighters retook territory from Taliban militants on Friday. They also killed dozens of militants.

Former Afghan official General Bismillah Mohammedi tweeted Friday that fighters had retaken control of three districts in northeastern Baghlan Province: Hesar Bridge and Deh Salah.

Map of Baghlan Province in Afghanistan Google Maps

He wrote, "The resistance remains alive," on Twitter.

Images and videos from the province show Afghan fighters taking down the Taliban's white flag, and replacing it with the tricolor flag of Afghanistan.

There were conflicting reports about how many Taliban died during the offensive.

According to The Washington Post, a tweet sent by a pro-Taliban account claimed that 15 Taliban fighters were killed after being betrayed by the insurgents over an offer of amnesty for locals.

"All those responsible for this crime must be executed." "The doors of conversation are shut," the tweet stated.

According to The Washington Post, "We have incited something that is historical in Afghanistan," Sediqullah Shja, 28, a former soldier in Afghanistan who participated in Friday's uprising, said. "Taliban fighters had armoured vehicles, but people threw stones on Taliban fighters and drove them out."

He stated to the paper that "as long as we're alive", he did not accept the Taliban rule.

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Baghlan's offensive appears to be distinct from Panjshir Valley, north-central Afghanistan's resistance movement. It is led by the ex-vice-president and son of a Mujahideen hero.

Ahmad Massoud is the son of Ahmad Shah Massoud, a renowned mujahideen leader, and Amrullah Salh, vice-president, recently defeated Afghan government have both pledged to fight the Taliban.

Ahmad Massoud is the son of a renowned mujahideen leader (left) and Amrullah Salh (right), former vice-president for Afghanistan (right). Mohammad Ismail/Reuters/Getty Images

Panjshir, one of Afghanistan's 34 provincials that is not under Taliban control, is rapidly becoming the heart of the resistance movement.

The Panjshir Valley, though it is bordered by Taliban-controlled territory makes it difficult to conquer.

Massoud stated in an opinion piece for The Washington Post that he wrote: "I write from Panjshir Valley today. Ready to follow my father's footsteps with mujahideen combatants who are ready to once more take on the Taliban."

Massoud's father, Massoud, was a famous defender of the valley against the Soviets during Soviet-Afghan War 1980s.

The Mujahideen hero and nicknamed "Lion Of Panjshir" also led the Northern Alliance against Taliban until he was assassinated two days before 9/11.

Saleh, a former vice-president, said that senior Massoud was his hero. He also defiantly pledged to resist the Taliban.

Saleh posted on Twitter, "I will never bow to terrorists Talib," "I won’t disappoint millions of people who listened to my voice. I will not be below one ceiling with Taliban. NEVER.

Social media also shared images and videos of the ex-vice president and junior Massoud boarded a helicopter.

According to The Times Ahmad Massoud has been speaking at Panjshir rallies, raising support and talking about the challenges facing peace talks with Taliban.

Saleh has claimed to be the caretaker president in Afghanistan after President Ashraf Goni fled the country and went into exile.

According to the paper, his claim seems to be in compliance with the constitution.

According to The Times, Saleh was a former intelligence chief and became an important ally for the Americans after 9/11.

It remains to see if the resistance led by Saleh or Massoud against the Taliban will succeed.

In a massive offensive, the militants seized control of Afghanistan's rest. They captured Kabul on Sunday. Afghan forces often faced little resistance.

On Wednesday, 19 August, which is the day Afghanistan celebrates independence from the British, peaceful protests were also held across the country, including in Kabul.

Images of Afghans showing their tricolour flag waved by children and women showed the country.

According to Reuters, they shouted "Our flag, Our identity,"

According to reports, the Taliban shot at peaceful protestors, killing many.

At a protest in Kabul, Afghanistan during the Afghan Independence Day on August 19, 2021, women carried the national flag. Stringer/Reuters

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