OnlyFans' sexually explicit content policy to take effect October 1

OnlyFans cares about its sex workers creators. So long as they don't break any new rules.
It was popularized by sex workers and became a success. On Thursday, it announced it would ban explicit sexual content. On Friday, it released details in a revised acceptable usage policy that will be effective Oct. 1.

These guidelines forbid photos or videos that contain sexual intercourse, masturbation, or other (???) offensive content. There are no depictions of genitals. These are the relevant sections of the new policy.

OnlyFans does not allow you to upload, post, display or publish content that...shows or promotes sexually explicit conduct. This includes: 1. actual or simulation sexual intercourse between persons of any sexual orientation; 2. actual and simulated masturbation; 3. any exposure of the anus of any person which might be extreme or offensive; 4. actual, simulated material depicting bodily fluids often secreted during sexual activity.

OnlyFans made the acknowledgment in a tweet, and social media creators had already noted that the new rules were intended to ease payment platforms. These rules are also subjective and arbitrary, which is both prudish as well as sexist. What is considered "extreme" or offensive genitalia display? Is it okay to eat boobs?

The rules forbid sex acts where a creator or participant sets their own limits. Fans can still admire certain female body parts, though they are not allowed by companies such as Mastercard. A Mardi Gras "show off your tits" circle. It is embodied by an acceptable use policy.

Many sex workers who have been stripped of their rights are now considering moving to other social media platforms. Tumblr's ban on sexually explicit content is a clear example of the phenomenon that sex workers have seen many times before.

OnlyFans might say that it cares about the creators of sex workers. It clearly cares more about being paid more.